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VR Shinecon Reviews

Shinecon offers an excellent VR experience that doesn’t hurt your wallet. With so many VR headsets being offered by so many companies, one will likely get confused with buying a headset that provides the right balance of everything. Thankfully, Shinecon delivers on its promise of quality and value by providing just enough value for all smartphone owners!
VR Shinecon Reviews
Overall Score
Visual Immersiveness
User Friendliness
Ease of Setup

Our Take

Shinecon offers an excellent VR experience that doesn’t hurt your wallet. With so many VR headsets being offered by so many companies, one will likely get confused with buying a headset that provides the right balance of everything. Thankfully, Shinecon delivers on its promise of quality and value by providing just enough value for all smartphone owners!

What We Like


Great design

Comfortable to wear

Full 3D immersion


What We Don't Like

Lack of interaction on the headset

Headset padding may cause sweat if used for hours

Limited FOV

Shinecon VR Review

The VR industry is booming! With all the new entrants that we saw in 2020, it is apparent that this growth is not going to slow down any time soon.

Every company is trying to push out their best VR headset, and that too in a budget-friendly range, but there are very few that fit into this tricky category. This is where Shinecon comes in, which appears to be have become a significant competitor in the market for budget, phone-powered VR headsets.

This headset delivers a balance of perfect entertainment quality without being hard on your wallet.

Not only will you be able to explore a lush VR/AR environment, but you will, of course, be able to play your favorite games and manipulate things in your environment using Google Cardboard as well! Let’s dive in and learn more about what makes this headset so good.

VR Shinecon Inside look

Things to Consider

So, why would you want the Shinecon VR headset?

Well, if you are into budget headsets and only have your phone as an external screen, then this headset is going to be perfect for you. The headset uses your phone’s processing power and a downloadable app to convert content into 3D.

Another reason why you would want this headset is because of its design and portability. The headset requires no external power and can be used with just your phone. You can use this on the go with any one of your friend’s phones as well!

If you find big, clunky headsets with wires going in and around them unmanageable, then this headset is going to provide you with not only flexibility but a truly wireless experience as well.

Shinecon 3D VR Headset is a perfect example of an inexpensive Virtual Reality system. With this headset, you will be able to get most of the features found in any good budget VR system, such as 3D Capability with phone adjustment, ergonomic design, built-in stereo Speakers, visual precision/clarity, a remote controller, and a supportive headband.

This headset is targeted at people who are looking into starting their VR journey with just their phones. If you are not entirely sold on the idea of high-end VR and its capabilities, then Shinecon VR will be a great way to dip your toes in the world of VR.

For users who have phones that can run games in high settings, you can easily pair your device with the VR headset to enjoy an immersive experience. With most high-end digital VR headsets costing several hundreds of dollars, these budget headsets are an important step in the ladder to convince newcomers to invest more and more into VR headsets.

Features and Benefits


This 3D VR Headset has a lightweight build and design to provide improved user comfort. You get high-quality insulation that protects you from shakes and bumps, and thanks to the amazing design of the Shinecon VR headset, you can wear them for about 2 hours without any discomfort. Our testing showed that the build quality was up to the mark and that these were one of the most sturdy and comfortable pair of budget headsets we reviewed in 2020.

Shinecon has done an impressive job at designing a headset that feels modern and is comfortable to wear as well. We honestly think that these are some of the most well-designed budget headsets that we have reviewed.

The headset has smooth corners that blend seamlessly with the overall shape of the device. The bands meld perfectly into the headset giving it an almost “fluid” feel. It truly is impressively designed for a “budget” headset in this niche category.

Made mostly of a mix of hard and soft plastic with a few metal parts used to increase durability, the Shinecon headset provides a guaranteed experience that will last you a long while. Brand enthusiasts will find the product branding to be sufficient as well! You will find the logo on the front that reads “VR Shinecon” in green and gray, and the same design pattern is followed by the controller as well.


The overall setup was incredibly easy, with the user only required to put in and adjust the smartphone as needed. We tried on the Shinecon’s for about 2.5 hours straight without feeling the need to take them off due to discomfort. It is important to note here that we did find ourselves sweating while wearing the headsets. Thankfully, the soft and airy material allowed for air to pass through, and most of the moisture was being wicked away, keeping the headset comfortable – but we do wish there was more ventilation.


The Shinecon headset comes with an adjustable, lightweight T-shaped strap that reduces the face and head pressure by a large margin. Also, in contrast to other VR headphones, it comes with deeper nose grooves to shield your nose from pressure. There is no thermal ventilation required for cooling down your device, as the front cover of the VR can be removed and can help cool your smartphone down after long hours of use.

The T-shaped elastic harness is made out of a lightweight material that provides just enough tension to lessen the pressure on your face, eyes, and head when observing your surroundings. The excellent stereo headphones will completely immerse you and help you play games, watch movies and listen to music as well.

Weighing just under 1.5 pounds, these headsets are going to be more than comfortable for the majority of users. The headset also has a removable lid-like mechanism to expose the back camera or cool down your device as needed.


The VR headset can also come with a Bluetooth controller that can be used in combination with your phone to play games and use the multimedia features. The remote can also be used to manipulate 360-degree videos on YouTube and other basic VR applications. You can, of course, use the controller to play VR games as well.

You will find 3 optical controls on the VR Shinecon 6.0. The two side knobs can adjust the lens, while the movable front piece can be used to adjust the distance of the phone itself.

The remote controller reminds us of the old Atari controllers with a modern twist, which will be a great call back and a nostalgic design for many avid gamers. We love the sleek-looking controller and how securely it fits in the hands. The buttons are tactile enough, and each button is spaced properly to avoid accidental taps.


This model improves upon the previous one by adding in a pair of stereo headphones that are built into the design of the Shinecon VR headset. With deep bass, optimized mids, and clear highs, these are truly very good headphones for daily use, and the best thing is that Shinecon has also made several design changes to make the headphones more adjustable.

The headphones have great separation and clarity. We tried using the headphones in different scenarios and found that the audio quality was also greatly influenced by the phone’s EQ settings. This means that you can potentially change and adjust how your headphones sound from their stock settings and make them sound like anything according to your preference. This will give music listeners who want to enjoy their favorite video concert in 3D an amazing experience.

While the dynamic range of the headphones is limited, we found them to be capable enough to be used for casual listening experiences. Of course, if you are looking for high-end stuff, then you won’t find it with the Shinecon VR headset – in fact, you will not find it anywhere since most manufacturers tend to think of audio quality as an afterthought unless you are opting for the top-end VR models.

Our Analysis and Test Results


The Shinecon VR headset is only as good as the hardware that you provide with it. Granted, most expensive VR headsets use external hardware acceleration and processing to create VR environments, the Shinecon VR headset is solely dependant on your phone. Also, the Shinecon VR headset only has one button to interact with your phone, which limits your convenience and the headset’s capabilities as well.

Visual Immersiveness

Again, the visual immersion is dependant on the type of mobile device you use to view VR content. Our testing found most modern phones with a Snapdragon or Apple’s silicon to be more than enough. Again, if you have an old phone that you want to use with this Shinecon headset, then you are going to face a lot of difficulty in motion tracking and general viewing.


Our testing showed that the Shinecon VR headset was indeed an improvement over the previous model and provided better face support than other budget categories. There are limited headsets in this niche tier that depend on external devices, i.e., phones, but Shinecon does a great job at providing what is perhaps the best budget experience when it comes to comfort. An important consideration here is that the headset will not be comfortable if you intend to wear it for more than 2 hours at a time. This has a lot to do with the structure and shape of your face and the weight of your mobile device as well.

User Friendliness

If you are looking for user-friendly headsets that can be fired up within minutes, then these are going to be great. The Shinecon headsets are super user friendly and provide you with all the controls that you would need to adjust your phone without taking it out of the headset. Although the field of view is limited, you can maximize your experience by adjusting the side knobs or the front slider. The headphones may come in the way but are easily adjustable to maximize comfort.

Ease of Setup

The Shinecon headset provides an excellent experience when it comes to setting them up. Because there is no software integration required from your side, all you need to do is put in your phone and set up the controller. The initial setup may take some time, but subsequent use of the headset can become significantly easier and less time-consuming.


While the Shinecon VR headset might not be the best VR experience out there, it surely does an amazing job at being one of the most budget-friendly headsets in the market. The Shinecon headsets dispense with the need for external processors and expensive hardware and employ the use of your smartphone’s hardware.

Again, this brings up another problem for many users who are looking for a fluid VR experience. Remember, with the Shinecon headset, your experience will heavily depend on how powerful your smartphone is. Regardless, if you have a tight budget and can only spend below $50 for a VR experience, then we highly recommend the Shinecon 6.0s.

If you have a higher budget, then you should scan the market for independent and more powerful VR headsets by industry giants like Playstation, Valve, Oculus, and more, but whether you are playing your favorite VR games or just using AR apps for fun, the Shinecon headset is truly going to make a world of difference especially thanks to the stereo headphones. Shinecon has outdone itself in this segment, and it truly shows with its commitment towards product design.

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