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PlayStation VR Review

Great for Games. Did awesome in our test but our ears fell off. It means less comfortable as compared to many others out there.
Playstation VR Headset Review
Overall Score
Visual Immersiveness
User Friendliness
Ease of Setup

Our Take

Great for Games. Did awesome in our test but our ears fell off. It means less comfortable as compared to many others out there. And we almost forget what other option do you have otherwise if you are a PS4 owner.

Step into the gaming challenges with extraordinary ways of incredible virtual worlds by having this device on your side. The use of hardware is easy. The use of the software is quick. Do not use bigger glasses because they can scratch the lenses of this device. The completely adjustable and balanced design of a VR in use.

stick with us for a few minutes. We always worth one’s time. Greatness awaits with PlayStation VR.

What We Like

  • Greatly visual immersive
  • Friendly as Perfect
  • Highly interactive
  • Accuracy in motion tracking
  • Non-VR games and other applications are also playable
  • Less costly as compared to PC based Virtual Reality devices.

What We Don't Like

  • Only work with the PlayStation
  • Not much comfortable
  • Weak lens protection
  • Lower resolution than Oculus Quest and HTC Vive
  • Motion accuracy got disturbed in bright places
  • Use no knobs to adjust lenses.


Look around you, you are in the center of an extraordinary gaming universe with PlayStation VR Sony’s 3D hyper-real environment with incredible clarity and with hundreds of exclusive games to play. Play games privately when someone else wants to use the TV.

You should change yourself and your preferences along with the technology as PlayStation VR Sony did. 360 digress vision that helps you to fully immerse in a living and breathing environment. If you are a gamer and prefer playing on the PlayStation 4, this device is a must buy.

  1. Price Range | $300 to $350
  2. Manufacturer | Sony
  3. Product | Sony’s PlayStation VR headset
  4. Experience | Positional Tracking, Seated VR, Standing VR
  5. Field of View | 100 degrees
  6. Refresh Rate | 90 – 120 Hz
  7. Display Resolution per Eye | 1080 x 960
  8. Headset Weight | 1.3 lb.
  9. Fit | Fits glasses, Interpupillary distance adjustment
  10. Included in the Box | Headset, Processor Unit, connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC power cord, AC adaptor, demo disc.

Why PS VR?


During development, this device is known by Project Morpheus, cool right? It gives you a variety of tools to play with such as PlayStation camera, DualShock4 Controllers, PlayStation Move Controllers, and PlayStation Virtual Reality Aim Controllers. The choice is yours what is the perfect one for you to use.

Money is the top requirement for the users who do not own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro and you also have to buy a PlayStation Camera. If you already own the Console and PlayStation Camera than you are just one step away from technology’s great wonder. PlayStation Camera is the cheapest.

The total cost you have to pay in order to build the experience from scratch is $690 to $740. PlayStation 4 will cost you $340 or PlayStation 4 Pro for $400. The PlayStation Camera for $40 and PlayStation VR is for $300. This cost calculation is for a complete Room-Scale experience.


Virtual reality experiences and games are waiting for you to immerse yourself in them. The latest Model CHU-ZVR2 came in November 2017 because there is a need to change in design and they also reduced the weight of Processing Unit Box. Sony tried to extend its customer’s experience with this change but it was not enough and may we see an update in upcoming years or months who knows!

Unboxing Playstation VR Headset

In detail

  1. Technical Specifications             CUH-ZVR2 model
  2. Product Name                                   PlayStation VR
  3. Display                                                  OLED
  4. Display Size                                         5.7 inches
  5. Resolution                          1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080)
  6. Refresh Rate                                      120hz, 90hz
  7. Field of View                                      Approx. 100 degrees
  8. Microphone                                       Integrated
  9. Sensors                                                 Accelerometer, gyroscope
  10. Connection                                         HDMI, USB
  11. External Dimensions                   Approx. 187×185×277 mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projection, headband at the shortest). Approx. 600g (excluding cable)
  12. Processor Unit weight                300g  |   365 g ( CUH-ZVR1 model)
  13. PU Function                               3D audio processing, Social Screen (mirroring mode, separate mode), Cinematic mode


Your values should be durability, performance, quality, and audio when buying a PlayStation VR Sony. If you are a person who does long gaming sessions and requires a comfortable device so you should know that this device lacks some of it.

And if you are looking for a low budget VR headset and already owned all other essential gadgets then this is a done deal for you. keep this in mind that all the other essential gadgets are must have before buying it. In case if you do not know what, other essential gadgets are then looking around somewhere in this review and we are sure you will find them.


Observe the world under the eyes of PlayStation VR. The use of 9 positional LED’s on its surface which covers the total of 360 head movement. It’s the perfect surface for PlayStation Camera to track your accurate positioning.

Performance always came along with accuracy and accuracy is what this console always stands for. Everything you experience under this device is more than 60 fps. Every title released to date for PlayStation VR headset runs as smooth as air.

The use of OLED with an RGB subpixel matrix hardware gives you the resolution and the quality of picture that defines the whole generation and is capable of showing you the VR world at 120 fps. It features a 6DOF head-tracking, Stereoscopic 3D, a FOV of 100 digress, and unwarped output.

Before Buying

You should have the knowledge, what this headset solves before buying it. Its perfect use is only on PS4. To use it, you also need to have a PlayStation Camera. It also can work on PC but it will be the last thing you want to do in your life because it will not give you the experience you can have on a PC by using HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

The best audience

This device is smart and sharp. Affordable with a gorgeous display and with a wide selection of games and experiences. When we said affordable, we do not mean that the material used is cheap it’s just perfect experience at a lower cost.

If you are a person who wants a premium VR experience without involving in all the complexity of PC and already owns a PS4 then PS VR is a must-have. If you want a universal experience that includes different devices compatibility than this device is not a good fit for you try HTC Vive or any other universal VR which you feel like more according to your use.

Features & Benefits


Still the best but not the Leading. Completely adjustable, balanced but less comfortable. It is comfortable even for long gaming sessions but not that comfortable.

The VR PlayStation headset was engineered to feel like it’s not there and distraction keeps away while you exploring new gaming worlds. Lost yourself within the galaxy of gaming while having it on your side.

The screen is adjustable and can be adjusted upwards of 225” (5 meters) wide, at a distance of 2.5 meters away.  Sony released the CUH-ZVR2 model of the PlayStation VR headset by replacing such as a slimmer, more streamlined connection cable with different connectors from the CUH-ZVR1 model, and integrated stereo headphones.

The newer Processor Unit also supports HDR video pass-through. Its design is similar to Oculus Rift S and near to HTC Vive.

Headset design


It fits… Perfect. What use of a PlayStation VR without a PlayStation Camera and the same for PlayStation Camera without a PlayStation 4? That’s how simple it is to set up this device.

Plug it and your PlayStation Camera into your console and you are ready to roll. Just plug and play. Setting a VR device couldn’t be any easier.

You are just a single button away to set it in a nice comfortable position. Just press Options and there you go.  The best easier setup at a lower cost. If you still don’t catch up then follow the in-box instructions and you will be fine.


A nice view of a home bar. There will be a menu and you can scroll it from both sides and choose what you like. Grab your DualSHock4 controller, put it on and do everything in Virtual.

You will find a variety of games and applications in your VR library. When Sony sent its 230 developers only for developing the VR-content at their first year of release than there is nothing left to worry about.

500+ titles will be enough for you we think. Home functionality is all the same but instead of 2D you will experience it in 3D and will feel more real.

VR Games

For the sake of games because games come first. A new way to experience gaming on consoles through this device. A new world that gives you top hit titles (from 2016 to present) to experience the gaming like you never did before.

For all the Star Wars fans out there, every new Star Wars title is available to experience in the VR. Nowadays every console game comes with a Cinematic Mode and it helps you to experience the related game in VR. That gives you a library full of games of your choice.

Near us, there is a greater need for PS4 VR games which delivers you the action-adventure experience. And Batman Arkham VR is one of the games for PS4 VR. Batman Arkham VR provides you a perfect virtual gaming experience than any of the other VR PS4 games.


Get inside the game with complete control. This console offers you three different types of control devices according to your personal preferences and sometimes it is also necessary to have one to play a specific title.

One is your standard old-style DualShock4 Controller. Most precise and standard control when in your hands there nothing left to stop you from discovering the next-level experience with the same precise skills. Every title available can be played with the help of DualShock4 Controller and its light bar is also constantly got tracked for further enhancement in-gaming movement.

We will say the most intuitive and comfortable controller ever design is DualShock4. DualShock4 Back Button enhancement makes it even more controllable easy to master any skill.

Make every shot count with the help of the PlayStation VR Aim Controllers. This advanced weapon in this device arsenal compatible with action games. Use it as a within the game virtual weapon. Stay sharp, focused and be ready to aim.

Bring your hands into the game world with the help of the PlayStation VR Move Controllers. These motion controllers give you a deeper sense of presence and Virtual Reality perfection. These controllers are the most ergonomic ones we ever saw.

Playstation VR Controllers


Discover the new dimensions in the world of sounds with the help of 3D sound technology. Sound is coming from above, below and all around. What a pinpoint accuracy.

It will be hard for you to differentiate between what’s real and what’s “actually” real. Meaning you will be able to even hear a single drop and measure its distance from you. Its that real, just as real life.

It uses a 3.5mm headphone jack which is perfect for an experience you will not be able to forget. An inline remote for adjustment of audio and power settings make it more flexible in use.


From the sky to the Arabian floors, it extends your choices by giving you 500+ experiences for you to choose from. If there is a home of VR gaming, we call it PlayStation VR. Now we are going to discuss what games this device has to offer offers you to explore.

  1. Paper Beast [Gives you a fully customizable world. Set the experience according to your own needs.]
  2. No Man’s Sky [The world that never ends. Explore, gather resources and build. It looks more appealing now with the update.]
  3. L.A. NOIRE the VR Case Files [This is one of the legendary titles of the fine art of VR games PS4. Want to become a detective? Rockstar Games did a great job in developing this game. Find clues, chase down the suspects and investigate witnesses. And one thing, do not get shot.]
  4. Beat Saber [Listen to the beat and move along with it. Powered by PlayStation Move controllers.]
  5. Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot [Join the resistance against Nazi’s war machines. Control them, use them and upgrade them.]
  6. Blood & Truth [Prepare to be an action hero. This device’s most blockbuster experience ever.]
  7. Batman Arkham VR [Now PlayStation 4 allows you to experience Batman Arkham VR. A VR version of its amazing game. Put on the VR, Set the PlayStation Camera and turn on your PlayStation 4 to experience the next level.]

It provides a variety of videos and streaming to experience. Hundreds of videos, documentaries, and stories are in the store just waiting to be explored. Let’s see what it has to offer you.

  1. YouTube [Explore YouTube 360 digress videos and enjoy the amazing content from some of the excellent publishers.]
  2. Within [The way of storytelling is changed with the technology and documentaries are more interesting than ever.]
  3. LittleStar VR Cinema [Experience some of the best movies, shows, and better channels such as Disney and Discovery in VR]
  4. LENS [If you are looking for some most creative cinema producers, this is the right place for you to be.]


Technology is advanced and PlayStations VR Display with it. What you see is what you feel and the feeling of being there came with a good display.

What helps you to connect to the other world is its expensive 5.7” OLED 1080p display running up to 120 frames per second. And especially when it comes to gaming one should never compromise on quality. The OLED expensive screen and smooth as air 120 fps visuals Help you to blend yourself into the virtual world.


The ability to progressive game chat extends the experience and lets you feel the environment more real than ever. The Social Screen feature lets your friends see on TV that what you are experiencing right now and can play along with you or can enjoy as long as you give them interesting stuff to watch.

It shows the exact experience on TV but more like a 2D experience for an observer. This device does not give you social activities like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive offers because of its limitations to compatibility.

Effect on your experience can be simply increased by two things first is the involvement of two or more people in the environment and second is within a game conversation on PSVR. Your all PlayStation 4 friends can also see you experiencing it within the game.

Insight Tracking

What an accuracy in the move. But it cannot ease the pain of a fall so be balanced.

There is a purpose of LEDs around the PlayStation Move motion controller, DuelShock4 Wireless controller, and the PlayStation VR Headset while you are experiencing the virtual world and that is so the PlayStation Camera can track them and can provide the incredibly precise location of your natural movement.

Our Analysis & Test Results

Our experts individually tested this device and it did great in each of our tests. The experience it provides you is an immersive and interactive one.

Search the whole universe and this will be the easiest of a tethered headset available. An exceptional gaming and VR experience in the most interactive way possible. PS VR is a solid performer until you grab a chainsaw and cut it into a half. What we did is compare it with a few other best VRs out there and process them one by one into five different phases. What did we observe? Come along and let us tell you.


PS VR uses lights on the controllers and LEDs on itself to track your movement within the game. We always prefer a headset which is highly interactive because this is the most important thing that defines a VR.

The scoring consists of how good it interacts with users, accuracy in movement, amount of area covered by external sensors, accuracy in motion tracking and what other VRs have to offer and after a complete comparison, we give it a value that defines it.

It earned 8 out of 10 in our test and did great. It is very easy to interact with Sony’s VR headsets by using a normal standard console controller or the other ones. In the first model, there were no buttons on the headset but on the latest one, they did a great job by putting one on the top-right corner which is the perfect position and increases its Interactiveness.

As you know PS VR uses PS Camera to track your location and movement which we found little limited. If you move far from PS Camera or turn your back to the PS Camera it will not work as appropriate as it should be. And the controller’s movement in extreme cases sometimes proves annoying and you can lose perfection easily.

Playstation VR Inside look

Visual Impressiveness

If it is too dark or too bright in-room PS Camera found it very hard to track you and can give wrong movement calculations. Visual impressiveness is ranked second in regards to checking performance.

This test based on Sharpness in visual quality, resolution, field of view and quality of mage. Keeping the above in mind and comparing it to other devices the overall score this headset Visual expressiveness earned is 9 out of 10. The text visuals are sharp than HTC Vive or Oculus Rift but have less resolution than both of them.

The field of View is 100 digress which is the claim of Sony’s VR (all rights reserved.) but we found it a little more than that. The headset blocks most of the outer environmental light but slightly came through the nose area. That is not disturbing but it is still a fact. Overall, it is the richest and immersive experience over a VR device.


Want to know that what a single word that defines it all? Balanced. We never saw such a great job in any other VR when it comes to balancing over the head. Because most of them feel like the front is heavier.

Comfortable on the head but not on the face. In the case of these VR headsets, the balance around your head is even. This section of review based on how perfectly it fits on your head, ventilation system for preventing you from sweating and fogging the glasses, and is there any room to also wear glasses?

It could be hard for long-gaming sessions. Our observed rating after comparison with other VRs for this headset is 6 out of 10 which is above average and sounds great don’t you think? There is less room for ventilation and scratches the lens if you wear bigger glasses and have no knobs to adjust lenses. Those are the factors that bring down the score of this headset and need to be upgraded.

User Friendliness

PS VR easily fits on your head and extremely easy to adjust. This task-based upon the speed and time it took from the box to your head and ready to roll. This headset did very well and earned 8 out of 10.

There are also no complications noticed in design during using it and unbox it, plug it in, prepare your motion controllers and there you go. Just like that.

The user experiences more richness in friendliness with the help of head motion tracking and perfection in move tracking by PlayStation move similar to HTC Vive.

Ease of Setup

Easiest of the tethered headsets. This section of review determines the difficulty to prepare hardware, installing software, and connectivity to set up a VR device.

This headset did good and earned 7 out of 10. Setting up the PS VR hardware is extremely easy and quick. Just unbox it, point the camera in the right direction and here you go. Not like the HTC Vive which takes much time to set up to activate motion tracking.

In a total of 15 minutes from box to your head. Sony’s PS4 installs the software in a blink of an eye and it feels like very easy through tutorials and prompts. Only working with PS4 Console limits its compatibility.

Playing with Playstation VR Headset


Overall experience was like the honey in the bear’s mouth providing you with a premium experience.

If you already owned a Sony’s PS4 and looking for something that can fits perfectly on your head, PS VR is what you looking for. But you have to sacrifice a little bit of your comfortability in regards to having a fully immersive and best VR experience.

Hundreds of titles that will be useful along the way to extend your experience. Why not giving it a shot?

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