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Oculus Quest 2 Review

We can say that the new Oculus Quest 2 is offering small changes that can create big differences. Therefore, Quest 2 is cheaper, smaller, faster, and better.
Oculus Quest 2 Headset review
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Our Take


We can say that the new Oculus Quest 2 is offering small changes that can create big differences. Therefore, Quest 2 is cheaper, smaller, faster, and better. But you are going to need a Facebook account to use it. Compared to the original Oculus Quest, this one is improved in almost all aspects, and the price of only $300 makes the Quest 2 an excellent VR headset for both beginners and those who are not so new to the VR world.

Oculus Quest 2 is comfortable, lightweight, and strong enough to run very detailed VR experiences. We can say with confidence that this model is the best one yet from the Oculus family. Taken into consideration the comfort, the portability, and the power it offers, make this headset one of the best on the market.

The OG Oculus Quest came with impressive controller tracking and a 6DOF head, the performance was strong, and it was a standalone, all together with an awesome piece of VR that the market needed at that moment. Like I said above, the Quest 2 is upgraded in every way compared to the Oculus Quest, like the price is more affordable, the design is lighter, better display, and a faster processor. If this is not enough, this model also offers optional accessories for PC tethering, and the headset’s battery life is doubled.

What We Like

  • $100 less than the Oculus Quest
  • Better, faster processor
  • Display with higher resolution
  • The great self-sufficient gaming experience
  • Doubles as a PC VR headset
  • Lighter and smaller
  • No cables required

What We Don't Like

  • The store still lacks some higher-end games
  • Only 2-3 hours of battery life
  • You have to use Facebook to log in

Overview of the headset

We can say that the Oculus Quest 2 is a more improved and cheaper model compared to the previous Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest 2 keeps impressing its users every single time they use it.

Users have reported that the head strap is more compact feels like it’s broken after some time of use, but the eye padding is less restrictive. You should be able to find that sweet spot that feels right for your face. Also, users have noticed that the controller does not require new batteries even after a month of usage.

You should buy this headset if you want a wire-free virtual reality experience for a very accessible price. The Oculus Quest 2 is self-sufficient and very easy to use. It truly represents an awesome VR gaming experience, in such a package that everyone can be able to set it up and use it. You do not have to be technologically experienced to be able to understand this headset.

If you happen to own a PC that has high gaming specifications, it will open the door to another level of the Oculus Quest 2 VR experience. There is the option to plug in a cable into the Quest 2, and it opens up access to a tethered PC virtual reality experience.

If you have a big room you can use for your VR experience, you should give Oculus Quest 2 a shot. There are many ways you can enjoy this headset, like standing, seated, or free-roaming. That being said, the best experience will be if you have a big room or space where you can roam around and where you won’t stomp upon any obstacles what will ruin your VR experience.

But, if you don’t want to have a Facebook account by any means, then this headset is not for you. There is no way to avoid creating a Facebook account, as it is required to use the Oculus Quest 2. If you are not a fan of Facebook’s data monitoring practices, then you should look for another headset.

Oculus Quest 2 unpackaging

If you are the kind of person that gets easily nauseated, then again, you should avoid buying a VR headset in general, not just this one. Some people experience severe nausea, while others only a little bit or none at all. There are ways to minimize this unfortunate feeling, like avoiding to play flying or racing games, but that means you won’t be able to fully experience your headset.

Also, if you happen to have the older Oculus Quest, there is not much need to buy this newer model. Yes, the new version comes with more features, but still not so much that you should buy it. The older one is enough; trust me.

Things to consider before buying

Like I mentioned above, you need to take into consideration that you will need a Facebook account. Another thing is that the eye area on the Oculus Quest 2 is smaller, and the foam padding at that area feels cushier and firmer. Compared to the older Quest, your glasses might feel more jammed in with the Quest 2, still, after some time of usage, the foam gets broken in, and the fit gets better. Facebook will sell you a fit pack for 39 dollars, offering different snap-out foam frames for the different face shapes.

The head straps are not as comfortable as they should be. Unlike the rigid array that was offered with the OG Oculus, the Oculus 2 comes with elastic straps. They should feel better after some days of breaking in. Still, if you buy the Elite Strap that is sold separately, you will feel much more comfortable.

Just like the old Quest, the new Quest 2’s battery will last 2-3 hours. But, the Quest 2’s battery takes longer to recharge, like an hour or more longer compared to the old Quest’s battery. Therefore, like it or not, you will need to take a longer break after you have drained the battery. Facebook also sells an Elite Strap with an extra battery pack and a case, which will come in handy if you want to play longer sessions.

If you want to connect your VR to a PC, you are going to need a longer USB-C cable. While the OG Quest came with a very long USB-C cable, which also you could have used for charging while playing, the Quest 2 comes with a much shorter cable. And again, Facebook will sell you a longer cable, or you can find one via Oculus Link.

There is no expandable storage on the Oculus Quest 2. For the $300 price of this headset, you will receive 64GB of storage. This storage will be able to hold a few dozen games and apps. Usually, the Oculus apps can run from 100MB to several GB.

We might have mentioned that the LCD’s black is not as black as the OG Quest OLED offered. Quest made this switch to LCD, and in general, it was not a bad idea, except the black levels are not as black as they should be. This flaw can be seen with games like The Room VR or in dark Virtual movie theater. On a positive note, bright text and images seem more vivid compared to the OLED display.

The IPD adjustment comes as a fixed setting, and it will be a learning process. The old Oculus Quest fitted the eye area better, and it had an interpapillary distance slider, which helped to fit the eye distance for most of the users. You will not find that slider on the Quest 2; instead, they replaced it with 3 preset eye distance settings (68mm, 63mm, and 53mm), which are supposed to fit most of the users. Yet, some users will disagree with this as they have noticed that their vision is not at 100% with one of these three settings, especially those who already wear prescription glasses. A solution to this problem would be to readjust the straps on the head, and after some time, it will get better.

Using this headset in the sunlight is not possible. Just keep in in dark rooms. The display can be permanently damaged by the sunlight if beams go directly through the inner lenses. Also, the headset will have trouble tracking the controllers when exposed to the sunlight. We are being reminded that the headsets are still not ready to go out with us quite yet, but after time this will not be an issue as even now, there few things you can do with them outside.

Features & Benefits

Let’s start with the price. $300 for something that is not a necessity like a VR headset is not a small price for sure. On the other hand, you have mobile phones that go as high as $1,400, so the $300 does not seem so high when compared. Bear in mind that there is another version of this headset with 256GB storage for $400. Now that is a lot more storage for the extra 100 bucks.

Next is the display. The Quest 2 comes with 1832×1920 pixel resolution per eye, while the older Quest had 1400×1600 pixel resolution per eye. The new display delivers a smoother image and can remove most of the screen door pixilation. The XR2 processor can cut down on the lower-res halo found on the edges of the display. This was happening because of the fixed foveated rendering, which helped the older processor to deliver the ultrasharp center of the display on the Oculus Quest. The Quest 2 has a cleaner and crisper image, including the edges.

Oculus Quest 2 Headset

You will not need headphones with this headset thanks to the built-in audio, but you will still have the possibility to add headphones because there is a headphone jack on the Quest 2. Some users even prefer built-in audio because it can deliver pretty good ambient spatial audio. Compared to the first Quest, the new one offers better audio. If you still prefer to use your own headphones. You can inject them into the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The same apps that ran on the Quest are present on the Quest 2, but the new XR2 chip can create more advanced graphics, can run more advanced apps, and the tracking skills will be improved. Even though the Qualcomm’s chip is older than the Snapdragon 835, it runs better-looking Quest games.

The refresh rate is 90Hz, which is better than the 72Hz from the older Quest, still a little bit less than PC VR headsets that can go up to 90Hz. If you want a smoother VR experience, then you will need a faster refresh rate.

When it comes to weight and size, the new Oculus is by 10% or 503 grams lighter than the older one, and the size is also smaller. A pair of goggles, but his ones are easier to wear and carry around. The older Quest had harder straps, which made it look bulkier while traveling. The new Quest has flex straps that are easier to pack.

When it comes to the controller, the layout on both the Quest and the Quest is the same, but the Quest 2 controllers are a little bit bigger and have more rest-room for the fingers.

Have you seen the PlayStation’s split-apart controller? Well, the Oculus Touch controllers have the same analog sticks and triggers and the same buttons as that one. The new controllers have a sturdier feeling and are bigger. Also, the button area is bigger, and there is more space for thumb rest. The batteries that the controller uses are not rechargeable, but this time the AA batteries last much longer.

About the game library, we mentioned above that currently, the Quest 2 runs the same apps and games as the older Quest. Do not be disappointed because this library is large and contains many VR gaming options. Many new games are coming soon. Most of which will port the existing PC or console VR games. Some users have tested the early versions of some of those upcoming games and have noticed that they are compatible with the Quest 2. This means that there is no need for upgrading the headset, but there is the possibility that the owners will eventually develop exclusive apps that will run on the Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 Controllers

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Quest 2 is $100 cheaper than the older Quest, and yet it comes with a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor optimized for VR, and also the display has a higher resolution. It seems like Facebook is determined to bring more people to try the VR experience as soon as possible, and this year’s pandemic event helped them speed up this process.

Some of the VR games have received updates and can take advantage of the better graphics power of the Quest 2. Some of those games are Red Matter, Trover Saves the Universe, and Arizona sunshine, which looked good before as well, but the new graphics make them look stunning. It is expected that more and more games will receive graphics updates. What is still uncertain is whether that will increase the storage sizes for download. Until now, the games have not gone above 4GB in size.

The Quest has been a breath of fresh air in the VR world, and that is for sure. Facebook always tries to channel more and more HQ games into the headset’s app store. Also, the Quest 2 works very well as a PC VR headset.

Oculus Quest 2 Inner look

It doesn’t matter if you have been an Oculus user for years; you still will need a Facebook account to connect with your Quest 2. This was not necessary before the Oculus Quest 2, but now Facebook decided to change its policies. Your old Oculus ID will not help you here. You will need to merge your account if you want to use Quest 2. The Oculus Quest 2 is a product made by Facebook, and we guess they have decided to align their social media with their AR and VR. If you are not a fan of Facebook and do not want a headset that lives under Facebook’s umbrella, then maybe you should skip this product.

Looking at this in the short term, it should not affect you that much, but as a long-term thing, it will all come to the way of how Facebook will handle the data on their VR headsets. As a game console, Quest 2 offers a lot, and that is why it is becoming people’s favorite so fast.

We see that the Quest 2 was able to replace the older Quest, and after time it will also replace Facebook’s PC headset because starting from next spring, The Rift S will no longer be sold. Facebook will have The Quest 2 as their single VR product. This little yet so powerful and affordable VR product might make a huge difference in the VR world, so do not underestimate its potentials.

Even in an event where the Quest 2 was sold for the price that was sold, the OG Quest, it would still be a good buy. The headset faster, lighter with brushed-up controllers that last longer. We also mentioned many times that the resolution is so much better than on the previous Quest model.

You should look at the Quest 2 as a game console, not a work device. Therefore, you should treat this headset as a motion-enabled game console for your hands and face. Also, you will be able to meet your friends in magical worlds where you find you can create an avatar and have fun around.

The Quest 2 offers the same path as the older Quest model with its self-contained ecosystem and app store, but with much better features. The experiences will be magical, strange, and very active. We mentioned the 6Dof tracking, with the four in-headset cameras, plus the very well-designed controllers make this headset a mini VR game console. There are also other tools as well as a fitness training software, virtual big-screen computer monitors, immersive theater portals, and so on.

The Quest ecosystem also offers work tools, and there are ways to have virtual meetings. The Spatial app is able to bring people into shared spaces with cloud storage and workflows tools. Immerse is a virtual monitor app that can turn your Quest into a virtual series of monitors for your actual PC. You can turn the Quest 2 into a PC VR headset by plugging in a USB cable, and you can work with many Steam apps also.

On the other side, the Quest cannot interface with Android OS or Apple iOS, it is able to pair with a phone something like a smartwatch, but only for basic syncing and some screencasting. There is still no way to hop into Zoom call. Facebook should look into updating the Quest into immersive virtual headphone where you can have the limitless option of communication with people.

The VR has limits, and an example of that is the Quest’s continuously evolving hand tracking. You can use your hands to touch something without the controller, there is no physical feedback on that, and also, some gestures or responding to message are still very difficult.

Playing with Oculus Quest 2


We can see that Facebook is trying to create reality smart glasses that will have the improved ability to blend the real and the virtual world. Now, this can come in the upcoming years, but there is still much that needs to be done. Until that happens, we have the Oculus Quest 2 that has the potential power to evolve some of the new concepts for Fakebook’s immersive work. Adding the hand tracking was a huge deal with the older Quest, as was the PC connectivity and some other features that Facebook experimented with. Quest 2 has the potential for even more updates. We can only wait and see what will happen.

There is one concern that’s hanging above our heads, and it is about how open the Facebook VR universe is going to be. Yes, the Quest is easily connected with PCs, but will it be able to connect with phones as well? And, will this headset be able to merge with apps that we use on a daily basis because, at the moment, this is not happening. We see that VR wants to work with tablets and phones, and Oculus Quest needs to find a way to move towards that road.

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