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Merge VR Review

Merge VR does a great job of being a simple VR headset that offers flexibility and a lot of reasons to explore the VR world.
Merge VR headset
Overall Score
Visual Immersiveness
User Friendliness
Ease of Setup

Our Take

Merge VR does a great job of being a simple VR headset that offers flexibility and a lot of reasons to explore the VR world. Kids and teens will love using this VR headset for learning and exploration purposes. The Merge Miniverse is full of fun VR content that will keep children satisfied for hours!

Merge VR Review

The budget VR category is growing day by day, and it is no surprise that we are now seeing so many VR headsets that are targeted exclusively for educational purposes or casual VR experiences via your smartphone.

This category has grown so much that we now see a whole range of budget VR headsets along with the high-end flagship level headsets. Merge VR brings a familiar take on VR headsets for an interesting demographics: teens.

What We Like

Foam design


Interactive controls


What We Don't Like

Doesn’t have adjustment controls

Does not feel premium

Basic controller

If your kid wants to explore the world in VR, then you have to check out the Merge VR headset. It is designed to be used anywhere because of its sturdy foam padded design. Kids can be rough and tough with this headset without damaging the phone or the headset itself. Merge VR is suitable for all kinds of VR experiences and truly brings a lot of value to its target demographic.

Merge VR Headset Inner look

Things to Consider

Getting an expensive VR headset can be a daunting experience. Not only do you have to deal with skyrocketing prices, but you may also worry about damage or rough use, especially if you are getting the headset for your kid.

This is where Merge VR comes in. This device can convert your phone into a portable VR experience. The headset offers stability and brings a lot of informative and fun VR content to the table as well. It has a few downsides when it comes to the audio department, but its winning qualities are plentiful!

Children of all ages and teens will love this headset for its cool design and portability. The headset can be thrown in any bag and can be taken anywhere with ease. Thanks to its padded design, the headset offers a sturdy experience so long as you have a smartphone nearby.

Features and Benefits


Merge has gone out of its way to implementing a fully portable design. The entire headset is made from foam padding that is sturdy yet flexible, allowing for adjustments. The headset comes in many colors ranging from purple to even fan-favorite, black.

The headset is soft, durable, and can fit in any phone with ease. It has side grooves that can allow you to eject your phone as well. The top triggers are designed to be used independently to interact with your phone.

The bands are made from soft materials as well and allow for a lot of adjustment. You can wear the headset in any way you like. The product’s overall design is very appealing, especially for kids, and Merge has even won awards and gained recognition for its headset design.

Unboxing Merge VR Headset


The setup is extremely easy and hardly takes any prior VR headset experience. We would go as far as to say that you will not even need to look at the user manual to set up this headset. The design makes everything very intuitive. All you need to do is slide in your phone so that it sits securely inside the headset and then adjust the headset around your face accordingly.


The interface is simple and straightforward. You are given two button-like triggers on top that can interact with your phone. While we aren’t a huge fan of this interaction mechanism, we do think that it is the best way to use your phone with this particular headset. There is a basic external remote control, a cube that is compatible with Cardboard, and you also get tactile triggers on the headset.


There is a singular external controller, which looks a lot like a Nintendo Wii controller to us. It has basic controls and can detect movement as well. You also get a Merge VR Cube that acts as a focal point for the Merge app. The cube will transform into any manipulable object based on the content that you watch. Other than this, the two triggers on top can be used to manipulate your surroundings as well – but in a very basic way.


Unfortunately, you do not get any audio system with the Merge VR headset. The headset is completely dependant on external hardware. Although, one saving grace that we noticed while using the headset was that there was a side cut out on the headset that exposed the ports of the smartphone. This can allow you to either plug in a charger or a headset as well.

Granted, most phones these days are now coming without a headphone jack. It would be wise for you to buy an external pair of Bluetooth headphones or earphones as well. The headset is designed in a way that allows for external headphone use. You can either use studio quality headphones (overhead headphones) or compact earphones.

Our Analysis and Test Results


Merge VR does a clever job at introducing tactile controls right on top of the headset. What makes this an interesting feat is that the entire headset is flexible, and having any type of buttons can be challenging but Merge has successfully implemented not one but two triggers on top that work flawlessly. Although the triggers can cause unwanted movement as you press on the triggers, it’s the best that you can get with a flexible design. Alternatively, you can use the remote control to interact with your phone as well.

Visual Immersiveness

The immersion level depends on what type of phone you use but Merge VR generally provides a very good experience when it comes to immersion. The lack of audio feedback makes it less attractive, but with a simple pair of Bluetooth headphones or earphones, you can get a fully immersive experience on the go.


The materials used for Merge make it super durable and comfortable to wear as well. The design is such that it will rarely cause strain, and since the headset weighs next to nothing, it will add a lot of comfort to your viewing experience. Remember, the headset itself does not weigh at all, but if you add in a heavy phone that is made from an all-glass design and is larger than 6 inches, it will add to the strain that you may experience.

User Friendliness

The Merge VR headset is designed for kids as well, so it goes without question that these are perhaps one of the most user-friendly VR headsets that we have reviewed. The headsets are intuitive, and you will hardly face any problems with setting it up or using it. Unlike other high-end headsets that may take some video tutorials, the Merge VR headsets are extremely straightforward, and you can get started on your VR experience right out of the box.

Ease of Setup

Again, Merge VR headsets are one of the easiest to configure. We did not face any issue with the set up during our use. We can argue that this design is the gold standard for easiness when it comes to VR headsets. Of course, this ease of use comes with some caveats that sacrifice the rigidity, steadiness, and stability of the headset. If you are looking for an inexpensive option for your family, then this is a good place to start.


The Merge VR headset is designed for simple use and is fully compatible with Google Cardboard. This headset is designed for children but can also be used by adults. The content is vast and full of knowledgeable VR videos, and with the external remote control and Merge Cube, you can take your child’s learning to the next level.

While most other headsets are designed for professional use and are suitable for hardcore gamers and enthusiasts, Merge VR sits at the front with basic level features that are enough for most people who want to get into the world of VR without investing a ton of money.

The entire purpose of Merge VR is to introduce VR to the world. With so many videos and online content surrounding VR, we think that this headset would make for an excellent choice for years to come. It’s an entry-level headset that will give you your money’s worth and will get you going in your VR journey.

Merge updates continuously and adds more content to its Merge Miniverse, so we wouldn’t be surprised to find new and more interactive content down the road. If you want to invest in a fun VR experience for the entire family without flashy (and gimmicky) features, then this is a good place to start.

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