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HTC Vive vs Vive Pro

In the search for the best Vive and curious about what's the difference between these two? We have the answer to your questions.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive Review
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HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro Review
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Our Take

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is exceptionally immersive and comfortable. It requires a robust and expensive PC to run correctly. After installation, it will give you unmatched performance and experience on a high-end level. It starts automatically booting up as soon as it is within the range of sensors.

HTC Vive is compatible with X-Box and PS controllers. Exceptionally immersive and user-friendly VR to date. It provides you a vast library full of extreme level VR experiences which will never let you out of choices.

HTC Vive Pro

Do you have money? Good. Financial resources for it? Even better. Because only then will you be able to run this beauty to its limit. This VR offers a higher resolution and which affects the game graphics and will automatically increase your gaming experience from fine to professional.

Distributing weight equality on your forehead is well-done, but the front is still more massive. Very hard to set up, take too much time. After setting up accurately, undeniably perfect VR ever.

Bottom Line

Our experts individually tested these both devices, and they both did great in the majority of tests. Let’s have a look at what they found.

Playing with HTC Vive

HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro: Introduction

The navy blue shade vs. the light gray. It’s finally time to learn about the differences between the classic and professional HTV Vive. HTC Vive Pro price is double the previous version’s price, but this comes with a huge performance boost as well.

Since the HTC Vive (Original Vive) released in April 2016, it remained a top choice of high-end experience. As the original Vive is still available in the market, the question arises that what differences do those devices carry?

They both will cost you a lot and will give you a high-end immersive VR experience that you are not going to forget easily. Stick with us because we are going to compare both of these in more detail.

HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro: Tech Spec

Now, as you can see, not including design properties, the only thing Vive Pro HTC enhanced is its quality of visuals. That’s the thing that matters the most right?

Display Resolution

The Original Vive offers 1080 x 1200 resolution per eye, and on the other hand, HTC Vive Pro offers 1440 x 1600 resolution per eye. Pretty big difference, right? That numbers make the combined resolution of original 2160×1200 pixels and HTC Vive Pro 2880 x 1600 pixels.

HTC Vive Pro increased the numbers 78% from the original one and makes a difference in quality and stands out and makes itself the top-rated high-resolution VR to date.

Refresh Rate

The Original Vive has a refresh rate of 90 Hz with two of its OLED display screens and considered the best while, on the other hand, HTC Vive Pro has a refresh rate of the same 90 Hz but with Dual AMOLED display screens.

The refresh rate is the same for these both VRs but with different display screens, which makes a difference in quality. The new-gen display helps Pro to output the maximum result possible and gives you a promised immersive experience.


Interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance between the center of the pupils in your eyes. Now the question is what you can do with this measurement? It is a guide to adjust the distance between the lenses of the headset so that you have a better viewing experience.

On the lower right side of your headset, there is an IPD knob. Use it to adjust the headset according to your needs. This feature is the same on both VRs and provides the same functionality.

Both are Ideal VRs for extended gaming sessions. Vive Pro can fit perfectly on a wide range of head shapes by its modern in-design adjustment features. Adjustable Eye Comfort Settings (IPD), which perfectly describe the word relaxation.


Close your eyes and listen to the sound. It will be hard for you to differentiate that if its real or coming from your HTC Vive Pro because of its Hi-Res Certified™ headphones. A robust digital amplifier and Dual Microphones – Active Noise Cancellation, Audio Pass-Through with Alert Mode, and Conversation Mode, which is essential for an immersive experience.

No built-in headphones in HTC Vive is a lack but also an opportunity in itself by providing you the space to fit the headsets of your like. Vive sold its headphones and audio gadgets separately. So buy it if you are going with the HTC Vive because it will give you more precise and quality output.


HTC Vive uses only one front-facing camera, while Pro uses two and gives us more precise accuracy. The external sensors HTC Vive uses called Steam Base Tracking 1.0 to track your physical movement. With time when HTC Vive Pro came out, a new version of Base Stations also came with it.

The addition of Steam Base Tracking 2.0 in Pro increased the virtual reality coverage area. It’s better to use base stations Lighthouse version 2.0 on both of them because it extends the area for the room-scale experience.


The same controllers and base stations are compatible with both devices. Not changing the accessories like motion controllers and better around track-devices was a smart move and gave you the ability to use HTC Vive accessories on Pro.

Pick up the right weapon from your VR arsenal because both VRs are capable of using X-Box and PS controllers.

Cable Management

Improved cable management in Pro gives us fewer cables to deal with, which is an advantage. And now, with the Wireless Adopter edition, this VR headset became less complex over your head and more user-friendly.

On the other hand, HTC Vive uses the same old mechanics, and you have to deal with the wires a lot.

Field of View

HTC Vive has the best field of view with 145 degrees, and that means you are getting a FOV of 100 horizontal degrees and 110 vertical degrees while your eyes 10mm away from lenses. These numbers define the best immersive experience possible.

Pro uses the same technology and gives the same precise results in this section, but upgrading other parts automatically trigger this functionality and makes the picture even more clear.


Original provides a 448 PPI rate, which is perfect along with its other components. HTC Vive Pro offers 615 PPI and beats every other headset to date. Pro is a king when it comes to picture quality.

HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro: Features

Vive Pro enhanced itself in two major categories and stood alone as the best to date. First is its perfection in resolution, and second is the quality of comfort Vive Pro offers. But these are not the only differences Vive Pro carries, and there are many other factors to focus before coming up to a decision.

Our aim is to giving you all the information required to make a decision. Hop-in and let us give you a tour.


A design for gentlemen that’s engineered for comfort. Completely comfortable on both the head and the face. Enough space to wear glasses and for ventilation.

The skin color is different. The HTC Vive signature color is white and also comes in black, but Pro is always blue. Built-in headphones are also an advantage, and the quality of sound increased because of Deluxe Audio Straps used in Pro.

Vive Pro never loses comfortability while in use. Optimized-ergonomics which are designed for comfort. We named its design, “The feather.” Balanced center of gravity the same as Sam Porter Bridges with 0 kg weight on. I mean, the weight on your forehead is distributed equally and feels very light when equipped.

HTC Vive Pro contains a built-in front sided stereoscopic camera with tracking capabilities. HTC Vive Pro comes with two, but we don’t find it that different in performance and consider wasting money on that extra feature from the side of HTC Vive Pro.

Original Vive also provides a high level of comfortability then Pro but heavier than it. Weight distribution on your head is divided perfectly.

In reality, Original Vive provides an above-average VR experience. This virtual reality headset’s higher resolution closer to virtual reality. It includes tracking of sound with the help of its deluxe audio functionality is as best as any Vive out there.

24% Increase in Face Gasket Surface Area for Lowered Stress in HTC Vive Pro. Which means enough room for ventilation and glasses to wear as compared to the HTC Vive.

Adjustable Headstrap on both VRs, but Pro comes with an extra feature of Soft Padded Foam for comfort, which helps you to wear this beauty to extend the period and feel less tired.


No matter how hard HTC Vive Pro hit it. There are some features worth highlighting in the HTC Vive. Let’s talk about numbers first.

The screen refresh rate is 90 Hz and equal to the Pro. Field of View is also still the same 110 degrees and enough to still challenge other latest headsets. In reality, HTC Vive is still capable of winning the hearts of many.

Vive Pro enhanced itself along with the technology and is a professional grade VR headset. Vive Pro uses High-resolution AMOLD screens, SteamVR™ Base Stations for Professional-GradeTracking, Hi-Res Certified™ Headphones, which are enough to define the level of quality Vive Pro holds.

Detailed Specifications

Let’s have a detailed look at HTC Vive Pro.

Every headset to date has some unique features which define the standards of its quality. The few unique features Vive Pro contains are following;

  • Built-in High-Tech 3D Deluxe Headphones
  • Highest display resolution per eye
  • Improved cable design and ergonomics
  • Chaperone technology
  • Free to move without any cable interruption with Vive Wireless Adapter

Detailed Specifications | HTC Vive Pro

Screen Dual AMOLED 3.5″ diagonal

Resolution 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600 pixels combined)

Refresh Rate 90 Hz

Field of View 110 degrees

Audio Hi-Res certificate headphones (removable), High impedance headphones support

Input Integrated microphones

Connections Bluetooth, USB-C port for peripherals

Sensors SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, Eye Comfort Setting (IPD)

Detailed Specifications | HTC Vive

Screen OLED 3.5″ diagonal

Resolution 2160 x 1200 pixels combined

Refresh Rate 90 Hz

Field of View 110 degrees

Audio High impedance headphones support

Input Integrated microphones

Connections Bluetooth, USB-A port for peripherals

Sensors SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, Eye Comfort Setting (IPD)


Setting up Pro is very hard and a challenging task in itself, but on the other hand HTC Vive does not give you that much hard time in installation.

Some people consider HTC Vive and Vive Pro the most difficult headsets to set up, and we are also a few of the people, but we also believe that this is the most structured oriented headset set-up to date.

We categorized it in a total of four steps after having all the essential hardware and software.

First Step |

  • Make sure that the two required Softwares VIVE headsets and SteamVR are installed.
  • Update your graphics card driver
  • Confirm that base stations are set up, and status lights are green

Second Step |

  • Find the link box and checks its status
  • Connect USB 3.0, DisplayPort and Power cable to link box and power output
  • Connect the ends of these cables to your PC and make sure the DisplayPort cable is connected to the same graphics card that is used by your monitor.

Third Step |

  • Plug the headset cable to the link box
  • Press the power button of the link box
  • Windows may install the device drivers for Vive headset

Fourth Step |

  • Each controller includes a Setup button, press it
  • Launch the SteamVR and check the status of your two controllers and your base stations
  • Right-click on controller icon and add the required controller/controllers
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the controllers

Hurray! Now you can put-on your HTC Vive or Vive Pro and ready to experience the fully immersive virtual world.


It is evident now that Pro requires much more power and graphics to give its best. This VR headset offers 615 PPI, which is 37% more from HTC Vive and makes a difference. It’s 2880 x 1600 resolution, which is also 78% higher than the HTC Vive and gives you a never forgetting immersive experience.

The world’s best first-person experience through 360-degree control and precise headset tracking and Ultra HD haptic feedback mean the fully immersive virtual world.

Most importantly, when Vive Pro comes to comfort, it is not negotiable. Its inside headset ventilation system and eye relief with lens distance adjustment are unique.

Games and App Library

If someone searches to make a list of the most comfortable VR kit, then these both headsets will make to that list. Standard users of the HTC Vive can experience no difference instead of a change in graphics because the majority of games these both consoles share are of low quality and can give the same displays on them both and can be considered as similar.

HTC Vive Pro is mighty, but what use of this kind of power which is no use to you. It means there is no game to date, which can take Vive Pro to its limit. On the other hand, 87% of games are playable on their best graphics while having original Vive on.

So why spending soo much money when you even can’t experience Vive Pro to its limit? But if you can afford Vive Pro and have original Vive as well so adding Pro in your collection is something to consider.

Get more out of virtual reality by playing top titles like SUPERHOT VR, Arizona Sunshine, Rush, Angry Birds vs. Isle of Pigs, Fruit Ninja, and many more. Many multi-player games are also available to experience it with friends. Both headsets support these games.

Tracking and Controlling

HTC Vive Pro Contain dual stereoscopic cameras with tracking capabilities on the front side of the headset, which gives extra accuracy and perfection in in-game area calculation.

Experience room-scale gaming at up to 100 m² area. Up to 10m x 10m using four SteamVR Base Station 2.0. The included two base stations support up to 5m x 5m. SteamVR Base Stations 2.0 extends the dedicated room-scale play area and gives you a boundless virtual world.

With the new Vive Wireless Adopter, Vive Pro became the helmet of a galaxy Samurai. Game changer, edge cutting experience on the next level.


Adjustable Eye Comfort Settings (IPD) helps you to wear Vive Pro for a longer period as compared to any other headset alive. Adjustable headphones which help you to put Vive Pro on and off easily and adjust according to your ears shape perfectly. Adjust the headset the way you like it with the help of its adjustable head straps.

HTC Vive does not come with built-in headphones, but if you use good ones, it will give you maximum quality output possible. On the other hand, Pro contains built-in headphones and high-tech 3D audio certified.


Spending money on HTC Vive Pro and having the same old PC? That is not going to happen. Let’s see what is different for then both.

HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro | Minimum PC requirement comparison

Minimum Requirement | for HTC Vive

Property  HTC Vive

Operating System Win 7 64 bit

Processor i5-3470T 2.8GHz / AMD FX-8100

Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6990 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780


DirectX DirectX 11

Minimum Requirement | for HTC Vive Pro

Property  HTC Vive Pro

Operating System Windows® 10.

Processor i5-4590/AMD FX 8350

Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290


DirectX DirectX 11

Upgrade to Windows® 10 for the best results with the dual front-facing cameras.


Do you want to pet a beast? It will cost you many dollars. Customizing or buying a new PC and also purchasing the essential pieces of equipment and Vive Pro are not cheap. But if you can afford it, it is worth buying.

The only thing that will never let you open the HTC Vive Pro box is its price, which is too much for some. If you somehow manage to buy Vive Pro, you also have to buy controllers and other essentials separately.

Choosing headsets mostly depended on the price section. HTC Vive can be bought in the range of approx. $450 to $510 and Vive Pro can be bought under $800, but you still have to buy other essential gadgets like controllers and base stations separately.

It’s a huge difference and isn’t fair. You can still have a fine VR experience while having HTC Vive on your side. You can estimate its value from the fact that Original Vive still beats the new headset market or at least competes with the majority of this new headset market.

htc vive pro player

HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro: Conclusion

Should you upgrade to HTC Vive Pro? A question worth asking. The HTC Vive long held the title of the best VR headset. In 2018 its new enhanced and new-gen version got announced and named HTC Vive Pro.

Why even bother to compare these two headsets? Why HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro? Everyone knows when a company similar to Vive (all rights reserved) launches a new model, it is always better than the previous one.

The few of you who made it this far deserves the truth, right? You already know every inch of detail about them both, and now its time for the verdict.

HTC Vive Pro is better than HTC Vive, but how good is HTC Vive is? Pro beats the HTC Vive in many significant ways, including resolution and comfort level, and Pro is also improved in some built-in design functions, which are considered essential nowadays.

HTC Vive is overall a good headset and beats the Oculus Rift in terms of overall performance. But now Vive has so many headsets to offer, including HTC Cosmos and Valve series that left the HTC Vive behind.

Buy HTC Vive if you;

  • Want an above-average VR experience in normal price
  • Want high durability in your device
  • Want a smart and light headset
  • Don’t want the latest upgrade
  • Owned a normal PC

Buy HTC Vive Pro if you;

  • Want a fully immersive high-tech experience in high price
  • Want a headset with built-in headphones
  • Want a high-definition and latest headset
  • Want a headset for long-gaming sessions
  • Want to experience the beauty of VR at its limit
  • Owned a high-tech PC

There is no need for any further comments on this decision. The decision could be best depending on your choice, or it could also come from our side. It mostly depends upon your values that are essential to decide on which one to get.

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