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HTC Vive Pro Review

We are going to review the good, the bad, and the ugly of HTC Vive Pro. It's not bad nor ugly at all, quite the opposite to be honest. Ready to meet the beast?
HTC Vive Pro Headset Review
Overall Score
Visual Immersiveness
User Friendliness
Ease of Setup

Our Take

Do you have money? Good. Can you afford it? Even better. Because only then will you be able to run this beauty to its limit. HTC Vive Pro VR headset offers a higher resolution and which affects the gaming graphics and which automatically increases your gaming experience from fine to professional.

Distributing weight equality on your forehead is well-done, but the front is still heavier. Very hard to set up, take too much time. After setting up accurately, undeniably perfect VR ever.

What We Like

  • Never loses comfortability while in use
  • Built-in headphones, Improved field of view
  • Loaded with ineffectiveness
  • Previous controllers compatibility

What We Don't Like

  • VR Controllers are not included in the box
  • Expensive
  • Loses perfection while comes to gaming

Overview of HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro earned the first place. This could be the most recommended headset, but due to its mastermind price increase, it’s difficult now to easily recommend that beast.

Now you have to pay twice as much compared to the previous original Vive for a little bit more comfort and user-friendliness, and we consider it too much. HTC Vive Pro price is much for us and also will be for many people, but if you can afford it, we recommend HTC Vive Pro.

  • Price Range | $890 to $910
  • Phone compatibility | N/A
  • Lenses Adjustment | Side by Side only
  • Controller Support | Supportive
  • Field of View | 110 digress
  • Refresh Rate | 90 Hz
  • Room for Ventilation | Yes
  • Room for Glasses | Yes


Before this remastered version of the original Vive, it uses separate peripherals to track your fingers movement. Still, now this VR headset uses a native track around your finger, which is a great improvement and makes the headset more user-friendly.

The new HTC Vive Pro uses two individual cameras to set separately in the environment in front of HTC Vive Pro to make you better than ever. This Vive contains two in its frontside for more accuracy. These two bits of help let you feel the environment new, original, and rich.

Money is the top requirement, but your PC should also need to be top-notch. Come along and find out what this Vive requires to run.

PC Requirements

We can tell that you are curious about what goes inside your HTC Vive Pro and powering this VR headset to give you the ultimate experience.

This Vive Pro is based upon three main components, your PCs processor, GPU, and RAM. They have the majority of impact on what you are going to see. Let us tell you what HTC Vive Pro requires. In this way, this VR headset may earn your trust.

Phase one | Minimum

  • Processor | Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 or Equivalent
  • GPU | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 or Equivalent
  • RAM | 4 GB
  • Video Output | DisplayPort 1.2
  • USB Port | 1x USB 3.0
  • OS | Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10

Phase two | Recommended

  • Processor | Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 or Equivalent
  • GPU | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070/Quadro P5000, AMD Radeon Vega 56 or Equivalent
  • RAM | 4 GB
  • Video Output | DisplayPort 1.2
  • USB Port | 1x USB 3.0
  • OS | Windows 10

We tested HTC Vive Pro on Intel Core i7-8800 k and Nvidia GTX 1080. The result was satisfyingly amazing.


Experience and immerse yourself the way it meant to be. HTC Vive Pro is the most capable, functional, and most demanded virtual reality headset Vive has to offer.

No matter what the environment is, this VR headset performs the best and according to the needs of today’s most demanding customers. HTC Vive Pro surpasses the limits and gives you the most immersive experience ever.

In detail |

  • Screen | Dual AMOLD 3.5″ diagonal
  • Resolution | Make 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600 pixels combined)
  • Refresh Rate | 90 Hz
  • Field of View | 110 digress
  • Audio | High-Res certified headphones (Removeable)
  • Input | Integrated Microphones
  • Connections | Bluetooth, USB 3.0, DP 1.2
  • Sensors | SteamVR Tracking 1.0, G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Proximity, IPD Sensor
  • Ergonomics | Lens distance adjustment, Adjustment IPD, Headphones, Headstrap
  • Motion Controllers Sensor | SteamVR Tracking 1.0
  • Motion Controllers Input | Multifunctional Trackpad, Grip buttons, Dual-stage trigger, System buttons, menu buttons
  • Motion Controllers Connections | Micro USB Charging Port
  • Around Area, Standing | Make no minimum space requirement
  • Around Area, Room-Scale | Minimum (6’6″ x 4’11”) Maximum (11’5″ x 11’5″)
HTC Vive Pro unbundle unpackaging

HTC Lighthouse Sensors

Base stations to deal with for the sake of accuracy. There are two versions of base stations available, Lighthouse 1.0 and Lighthouse 2.0. The enhanced version was specially designed for HTC Vide Pro.

From these base stations, Lighthouse 1.0 has 120 digress vertically and horizontally FOV. In contrast, Lighthouse 2.0 has 150 digress FOV horizontal and 110 digress vertical, and it gives a more flexible placement structure of the device.

Lighthouse 2.0 requires only one base stations monitor to track your position. Increasing the area covered by 10×10 meters Uses less power to operate, and the better around tracking-speed of base stations is slightly improved.

An essential gadget to have while using HTC Vive Pro. Similar to PlayStation Camera but of different functionality. These base stations are a perfect example of accuracy.

Values to Focus

Your values should be quality, sound, display, performance, and comfortability. If you are looking for a VR that gives you comfort, quality of the display, quality of the sound, performance, interactiveness, or user-friendliness, then HTC Vive Pro is your go.

The only lack this device has is the ease of setup. It’s very complex to set this device up. Money is also an essential factor if you don’t have enough. But in regards to having gain, you also have to sacrifice something sometimes. According to our recommendation, this device is a must-have.


After paying so much money and going through the toughest complexity of a VR setup ever, what will you gain in terms of performance?

Well, turning on your high-end PC and putting on your Vive headset and falling in love with it by experiencing fantastic content on this Vive’s built-in 1440 x 1600 per eye resolution on 90 Hz of framerate and 110 digress FOV.

For some of you, the above numbers told the whole story, but for remaining, words might capture a better picture. Objects from near are absolutely 100% crystal and sharper from far. Sometimes a few objects from very far looked blurry, but those are unnoticeable unless you are in search of them.

You can extend your room-scale VR experience to 15×15 feet, but we tested this Vive on 12×12 feet, and it did great. Accuracy in the movement was perfect.

You could experience jitteriness while playing or using your Vive, but it’s more occur when you are in the middle of a cut scene or a loading screen or can occur when you are scrolling through games. It’ll not ruin your experience, but the fact is a fact, right?

Before Buying HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro is a premium headset and comes with a lot of benefits over the majority of VR devices. The product like this doesn’t come cheap, and you have a pay a lot to experience it.

The Best Audience

Ready to spend $1k for the most immersive experience over the PC? If you are not a console player and prefer playing games over PC, then you are the one who is going to buy this HTC Vive Pro.

HTC Vive Pro offers you a library full of games, but there is still no game that can be called “perfect” for this headset. This VR headset library offers 750+ virtual experiences from which only a few are capable of giving you the most attractive and high-definition experience.

For a room-scale experience, Vive Pro requires more than one motion stations for its Lighthouse sensors to fit in the room where they can perfectly catch your movement. We recommend a minimum of 10×10 feet room or place to have an excellent room-scale virtual experience.

Features of HTC Vive Pro


A design for gentlemen that’s engineered for comfort. Completely comfortable on both the head and the face. Enough space to wear glasses and ventilation.

During long gaming sessions, there will be no sweating and itching like the most VRs out there. Manual headset positioning scroll button on the back and on-head strip that provides you the functionality to adjust the head positioning.

And now, with the new Vive Wireless Adopter, Vive Pro became the helmet of a galaxy Samurai. Game changer, edge cutting experience on the next level.

HTC Vive Pro Headset Design


You can become an experienced troubleshooter, and you want to know how? The answer is, “Just buy it.” The only lack this device has is the hardness in setup.

There are so many things, and if you never experienced complexity that can nuke your brain, Boom! First thing first, run a Vive Quick Compatability Check and if your PC passes through it. Install the Vive Pro latest driver updates for your headset.

Perfection is the key to success in the first attempt. Follow the prompt accordingly and place the Vive Pro hardware, connect the power through the Viveport, Find something like a high place to place your sensors, prepare each eye for the digital virtual world, close the curtains, get the headset and grab your motion controllers.

All this without making a single mistake and breaking down your headsets. You have to buy motion controllers and sensors individually, which will cost you an extra $300. After spending a total of more than $1000 and making your way through all the complexity, the experience will worth it.


You can fully customize your home screen by applying different themes to it or can change the environment according to your taste: a screen and a menu bar, which is essentials for every VR home.

This is your virtual portal of the original headset to get you anywhere. Connect with friends and explore hundreds of experiences. All you have to do is grab your controller and go on with it.

VR Games

We are finally here going to talk about games. Your favorite part, right? Play unlimited premium VR games through Viveport Infinity, besides, to purchase base content from Viveport.

After spending nearly $1k, Viveport gives you 14 days free trials to enjoy the goodness for free. Vive Pro offers you 750+ games and experiences, which will be enough for you. But there is not a solid title to date which can reach the limits this headset has to offer.

Get more out of virtual reality by playing top titles like SUPERHOT VR, Arizona Sunshine, Rush, Angry Birds vs. Isle of Pigs, Fruit Ninja, and many more. Many multi-player games are also available to experience it with friends.


Vive named it simply a Controller, it should be more like a Pro Controller or Original Vive Pro controller, but they want to keep it simple. This simple controller lets you interact and play with the virtual world wirelessly.

It contains 24 sensors, trackpad, a trigger, haptic feedback, and a rechargeable battery and feels very light then it looks. Its battery capacity is 960 mAh, which is enough and gives you more than 12 hours of constant playtime.

These controllers are comfortable in use and attractive in look. It can help you to give your 100% and very interactive combination of controllers functionality ever.

HTC Vive Pro Controllers


Built-in headphones increased the beauty of that beast but didn’t completely press your ears. Put on your headset, close your eyes, and listen, you will see.

Vive Pro comes with high-resolution and high-impedance headphones attached to this headset, which will not let you miss a single beat. Prepare your ears to experience infinity.

Oh, this music to my ears, man. What! What was it? It was the sound of your blood circulating through your veins. That’s how deeply it catches the sound and gives you a 3D and immersive experience.


Viveport is the official store for Vive Pro. Find the right high-end virtual experience for yourself by making your way through a huge library of experiences with the help of Viveport.

The most overrated games and applications Viveport has to offer are the following;

  • Scraper: First Strike [Explore New Austin city and fight the corrupted robots. Sky-tech shooter with RPG.]
  • The Morrigan [King Arthur of the virtual world. Torch in your left hand and an ax in the other. Explore the beautiful world full of thrilling adventures and puzzles. ]
  • Stumper [The game that will put you into music. VR rhythm adventure game, battle through a path of beats. Also, provide fully immersive multi-player battle experience.]
  • Tilt Brush [What an art. Developed by Google, that gives you full control over the creation of your virtual world. Paint in a 3D environment and unleash your creativity.]
  • OhShape [Challange both your body and mind. It’s a rhyme and music game that will get your whole body moving. Inspired by the Japanese TV Show “Hole in the Wall.” Punch, dodge, and fit through the shapes coming towards you. ]
  • Creed: Rise to Glory [Train yourself, fight, and win. See and experience that what it takes to become a champion. Inspired by the original CreedTM films. Experience the VR boxing.]

The Viveport has more than 750 experiences to offer, but the above ones are out favorite. Explore the store and make your new list.


Sharpness and attention to detail are in veins of Vive Pro. It will deliver you want your PC will have to offer. Run this monster to its limits, and it will give you an immersive environment that you will not be able to experience anywhere.

For unparalleled graphics, text, and texture, they used Dual-AMOLED displays with a combined 2880 x 1600 resolution and gave the output as a breathtaking environment.

In regards to quality and performance, HTC Vive Pro is the best VR available in the market. This headset showed us that quality could not be limited, and we can stretch it to its extreme limits by unleashing the power of your PC.

Experience it by playing a game that you already played in 2D and find out what graphics this headset has to offer.


Conquer the virtual world with the help of your friends. Vive Pro provides you hundreds of multi-player experiences that are going to blow your mind and creativity level. In-game chat is a common thing, but Vive Pro put life into it by providing you a fully immersive built-in 3D audio experience.

The compatibility of This device with PC increases its availability, and with availability comes the universal experiences and some of the best social experiences along with it.

For example, Facebook’s Social VR Spaces lets you create your avatar and let you make Messanger video calls. vTime that enables you to experience social gathering world and games with it. RecRoom that provides multi-player high-end games to experience.

Insight Tracking

Unparalleled precision tracking, which can be experienced seated, standing, or room-scale. Explore and conquer the worlds at your comfortable chair or moving with the help of SteamVR.

But it limits the room-scale experience to 11’5″ x 11’5″. SteamVR gives you the ability to choose your playstyle according to your needs by providing you the best experience possible.

Pro Vive Lighthouse Sensor 2.0 extends your room experience by converting a large area of 15×15 feet. Two front-sided cameras are useful to examine the environment obstacles while playing or having your VR on.

Our Analysis & Test Results

Our experts individually tested Vive Pro, and it did fabulous in each of our tests. Vive Pro provides a sharper and quality-wise the-best experience.

Its performance-level is so unique that it’s even tough to consider a better device than this one. An exceptional gaming and VR experience in the most immersive way possible.

HTC Vive Pro is a professional by name and much better the way it performs. It is a beast. What we did is compare it with a few other best VRs out there and process them into five different phases. What did we observe? Come along and let us tell you.


We always prefer a headset, which is highly interactive because this is the most important thing that defines a VR. The scoring consists of how good it interacts with users, accuracy in movement, amount of area covered by external sensors, accuracy in motion tracking, and what other VRs have to offer. After a complete comparison, we give it a value that defines it.

It did extraordinary great and earned 9 out of 10. It lets you interact with its motion controllers. These have a perfect amount of buttons. Make better track of your hand positioning and movement.

We found the position tracking accurate, and we can say proudly that finally, this controller is a model of perfection.

There are no buttons on the headset, and we didn’t even feel that we need to use them. An advantage this headset carries with itself is you can use your X-Box or Playstation motion controllers for more accuracy and skill.

The motion tracking is also accurate and makes Original Vive and Vive Pro our favorite VR to use.

HTC Vive Pro Inside look

Visual Immersiveness

Visual impressiveness is ranked second in regards to checking performance. This test based on Sharpness in visual quality, resolution, field of view, and quality of the image. Keeping the above in mind and comparing it to other devices, the overall score this headset Visual expressiveness earned is 9 out of 10.

It has a slightly higher resolution than the original Vive. It also has the widest field of view measuring at 110 digress. This makes exceptionally high sharpness and quality in detail. It also did a great job blocking out all the environmental light.


This section of review based on how perfectly it fits on your head, ventilation system for preventing you from sweating and fogging the glasses, and is there any room also to wear glasses?

It did awesomely and earned 8 out of 10. Most of us found it much comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. There is no pressure point in the design and completely balanced equally above the head.

There is enough room to wear glasses and ventilation. In long sessions, some of its parts get hot, but it funnels the heat away, not like the original Vive.

User Friendly

Lots of factors affect this stage of the test. It determines how easy it is to set up, and is its design is in a way that can feel friendly. It did well and earned 9 out of 10.

You can put built-in headphones out of your way while wearing it on. This headset is easiest to ready after the initial installation. There is no chance that you can hit a button accidentally, and every button feels like its the perfect place for it to be.

Audio around your two ears feels like still make a little leak. It is still a sound-canceling headset, but no pressure around your ears gives you relaxation but also increases the chance to hear environmental sounds.

Ease of Setup

This section of review determines the difficulty of preparing hardware, installing software, setting up base stations, and connectivity to set up a VR device. It didn’t let any of the VR headsets take its place and remained worst of all time. Earned 3 out of 10.

If you’re a skilled personality and do everything right, then it will only take an hour to set the hardware and install the software, but you will not be able to. It will take easily 3 to 4 hours only if you do your best.

htc vive pro player

Final Verdict: HTC Vive Pro Review

The price of the Pro HTC is terrible. Many headsets perform a little bit lower but can save hundreds of dollars. But it is still exceptionally one of the best you can get. It can still make the difference and may earn the title of the best VR near you after trying it out.

You still have a choice to buy it among all the other VR headsets. This Vive is a Pro by heart and by performance, and we will recommend it to you. HTC Vive Pro review is our favorite of all time, and we enjoyed every second of it.

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