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Google Daydream View Review

Google Daydream View earned the title of the second-best mobile VR headset in the market.
Google Daydream View Review
Overall Score
Visual Immersiveness
User Friendliness
Ease of Setup

Our Take

Google Daydream View earned the title of the second-best mobile VR headset in the market. However, it does not offer the level of immersiveness/interactiveness as compared to the Gear VR.

Furthermore, the Daydream generally retails for less and the most exciting thing in the way it’s programmed that this headset is compatible with a vast majority of smartphones.

Daydream is a solid performer and an excellent headset and our top recommendation. If you are the one who prefers comfortability, we prefer Google Daydream, and it’s worthy of consideration.

What We Like

  • It’s easy to set up Daydream
  • Highly immersive and comfortable
  • Very light in weight

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t highly interact
  • Slowly developed ecosystem


At first, when Google introduced the Daydream View with Android 7.0 Nougat, it’s appeared on the majority of high-end Android-based smartphones.

As well as, every Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 can be paired-up with Daydream, also was compatible with LG V30, the new Pixel 2s, and Motorola phones and also supported Gear VR supported cellphones. Furthermore, Gear VR phone compatibility is lower as compared to this beast.

Google Daydream View is our favorite because of its security and comfort. The way Daydream opens up, feels more satisfying and natural. A new on-head strap makes it feel more secure and comfortable, and now, it feels lighter than ever.

For us, the initially released model of Google Daydream View had a majority of severe problems with light leaking and performance; that was a lot to deal with, but now, thanks to the padding and enhanced functionality.

Why Google Daydream?

After the outstanding success of Google Cardboard, Google improved its latest VR model (Google Daydream View).

Furthermore, it also adds a controller in Daydream collection to improve accuracy and the level of interactiveness in regards to enhance your VR games & apps world experience to an immersive level.


The following are the Google verified requirements for this virtual-reality headset.

Google Daydream View | Minimum smartphone requirements

  • At least contain two physical cores
  • Must have “performance mode” functionality
  • Must support Vulkan Hardware Level 0
  • Should support Vulkan Hardware Level 1
  • Operate at H.264 decoding at 3840 x 2160 @ 30 FPS – 40 Mbps
  • Supports HEVC and VP9
  • Must be capable to decode at 1920 x 1080 @ 30 FPS – 10 Mbps
  • Should be capable of decoding at 3840 x 2160 @ 30 FPS – 20 Mbps
  • We strongly recommend supporting android.hardware.sensor. .hifi_sensors feature
  • Must meet the gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer essential requirements
  • Must have an embedded screen
  • Must have at least 1080p resolution and recommended to be 1440p
  • Size measure between 4.7″ – 6.0″ diagonal
  • While in VR mode – must update at 60 Hz
  • The display latent on Gray-to-Gray, White-to-Black, and Black-to-White switching time required to be at least ≤ 3 ms
  • Display must support low-persistence-mode at ≤ 5
  • Must support Bluetooth 4.2 & LE Data Length Extension
Google Daydream View Unboxing

Detailed Specifications

Google Daydream View | In detail

  • Screen: Smartphone dependable
  • Supportable Cell phone Size: Between 5 to 6.3 inches
  • Size (mm/in): Smartphone dependable
  • Aspect Ration: Smartphone dependable
  • PPI (pixel per inch): Smartphone dependable
  • Output Resolution: Smartphone dependable
  • RR (refresh rate): > 60 Hz
  • FOV (field of view): N/A
  • Lens: N/A
  • IPD (interpupillary distance): N/A
  • Operating System & Apps: Android Daydream
  • Controller: Remote control
  • Dimensions: 167.8 × 117.1 × 100.2 mm
  • Weight: 261 g
  • Country: United States

Values to focus

Our experts found this generation to be more comfortable as compared to the Samsung Gear VR. Many reasons validate the fact like the Daydream View is exceptionally lighter than Gear VR.

Furthermore, It weights only 9.2 ouches compared with Samsung’s 12.1 ouches. These extra few ouches on the Samsung side makes a difference after wearing it for 30 minutes.

The Daydream’s Bluetooth controllers are exceptional and of a unique shape and great design. The detailed clarification is so good in this one like home, and menu buttons are differentiated accurately.


Google Daydream View price is for a general audience and standard customers and also suited for the VR enthusiasts. However, its price didn’t define the quality it holds; it contains an ergonomic design and performs solid.

With more VR content and phone compatibility to come, Daydream’s going to be a must-have VR device for Android owners outside of the Samsung ecosystem.

Furthermore, if you are the owner of a Pixel, Pixel 2, or Pixel XL smartphone, this VR is compatible and worth buying as well as Google has made the Daydream mobile VR cheap enough to buy without much debate.

We recommend selecting this VR device. Daydream enables you to replay the moments that you capture yourself. Google Photos app and Google’s servers extend your VR games and apps experience and provide you a 3D, 360-degree experience.

Google Daydream View Review: Before Buying

It saves you from the complexity of any kind, and it’s easy to experience virtual-reality with Google Daydream View. The only thing it lacks is the quantity of engaging content.

It is the best available VR headset that works with the most number of Android smartphones than any other VR platform, and also can be bought at a low price.

The best audience

We have a question for you. Do you have bought a VR before? If your answer is “No,” the Daydream View could be the perfect way to get started.

However, according to Google, there are 60 VR games and apps experiences available, and at the end of the year, there will be more. Furthermore, it offers a vast majority of mobile selection.

Our experts only tested ten smartphones on it. If you the owner of Pixel or Pixel 2 and love to explore, Daydream already feels like a fine and worthy purchase.

But if you are a mobile VR enthusiastic, the Google Daydream View is for you. If you are searching for the most immersive VR experience possible, you should know that the Daydream is not even near the level of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR, and we recommend buying one from these.

The motion controller of Daydream is handy, the Daydream limits your room-scale experience, and you can’t still walk around or grab things due to its hardware limitations.

Google Daydream View Review: Features & Benefits

Goggle Daydream View is one of its kind and a unique – inexpensive VR headset. It comes with a remote device that helps to increase user interactiveness, and its fabric design is exceptional.


The fabric design of Daydream View is comfortable and stylish looking. It has an ergonomic design, which is perfect in many ways like it holds the capacity to perfectly fit the eyeglasses but sometimes can leave you with a red face line.

It is more preferable using this device in low environmental light; otherwise, the light leaks in from the sides. This headset is of the same size as any mobile headset available in the market, as well as its shape.

However, it’s all covered in the fabric, which can be tricky to handle sometimes. Furthermore, its unique fabric layer gives new meaning to Google’s “Material Design.”

The material used in its manufacturing is lightweight and feels extra-comfortable to wear, and the solo elastic band in the back holds this VR perfectly.

Google Daydream Live Headset Design


Setting up Daydream is ultra-simple. As you know that this VR is dependent upon the compatible smartphone used so, all is required from you is to place your smartphone into the fold.

The instructions transfer between the headset and mobile through the sensors contained by the Daydream and will push instructions and tutorials to the phone to start your VR session.

Because of this simplicity, people are using this platform rapidly. Furthermore, once you place your phone in it and follow up through instruction, the headset is ready to be used, and afterward, Google offers a choice in regards to learn how its remote works.

After learning the complete functionality of remote and knowing the headset completely, you are free to experience the virtual immersiveness, which is also dependent upon your smartphone.

Once the guide is over, Daydream View official and detailed tutorial launches have you exploring the amazon jungles with a flashlight, surfing the sea, playing chess, flying an F-16, and more.

VR Games

When the Google Daydream View launched, it only had 12 games – apps and desperately needed more immersive games, and while only a few of them worth download and experience. However, over time, it enhanced its virtual world library but still really needs to extend this library further.

Furthermore, only puzzles and board games are worth buying. On December 8, 2019, five more games got added, and the total number became 17.

This new virtual-reality platform/system, with its built-in Google Play Store (all rights reserved) selection, performs excellently at puzzle and mini-games. Daydream mobile VR lacks immersive 3D titles to experience but has thousands of non-interaction VR experiences.

The puzzle games like Mekorama and Dragen Goat are two of the most original puzzle games; the Daydream View has to offers in which you can navigate a character through 3D environments.

When it comes to the multiplayer experience, this VR device offers to Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes, an innovative VR experience. It only requires 3 – minutes to set up and 5 – minutes of tutorial and understanding time.

In further 4 – minutes, you download a game, and in a total of 20 – 30 minutes, you will be able to experience one of the most interactive smartphone VR experiences.

Remote Controller

Google Daydream View comes with a remote controller and enhances your gameplay world by increasing the motion detection feature. This enhancement slides into the VR device for easy carrying.

It’s a small remote control that makes the 360-degree virtual reality experience next-level immersive gameplay. The connectivity it offers is through Bluetooth, connect the remote control with the Daydream by Google via it without any additional setting required.

Furthermore, this remote controller is based on two buttons, a volume controller, and an intractable trackpad.

The battery life of this remote is enough to give you the time you required. Furthermore, the battery life it offers when fully charged is from 3 – 5 hours.

However, this controller also offers a motion control feature, from the dark adventure games and apps to supreme golf tournaments; whatever your choice, it will make your virtual-experience feel more natural.

Cast spells in the Harry Potter similar experience “Fantastic Beasts” felt even more natural and interactive with the help of a remote controller. Your magical stick will make it worth trying out.

Google Daydream View Controller


The display properties of Google Daydream View is dependent upon the smartphone attached. Like Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, or Moto Z, whatever you will feed to the Daydream, it will output the same.

However, there lies a big difference between theses compatible smartphones like the Google Pixel is limited to 1080p Full HD display. The 5 inches Google Pixel screen also looks elegant in general, up when it comes to the VR, every inch matters.

Two inches from your face can make a difference. On the other hand, one more popular mobile phone compatible with new Daydream is Pixel XL – Pixel 2 XL, which offers 5.5″ Quad HD display and disable/reduce the majority of screen door effect.

What we recommend is a mobile phone which outputs a 4k display and has a suitable display size. With a higher resolution, you can meet the need of pixel-dense VR.


The Daydream View offers a vast majority of responsive and excellent tracking virtual-reality experiences, and the quality of these experiences comes down to your smartphone. For example, on a Pixel 2 XL, the virtual-experience will be just exceptional.

Watching movies or playing a game like Need for Speed, in both ways, the output result will be just excellent and will have a tiny bit of lag, which is as same as Samsung’s Gear VR & HTC Vive.

The library of Google virtual reality compatible apps is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, with big and top-tier video providers on board like HBO Nowthe MLB, and the NFL.

Samsung Gear VR offers more VR apps and games, but none of them contain a must-have title, and on the other hand, Google Daydream View has a dozen must-have top-quality titles worth experiencing.

The Wall Street Journal app is an excellent way to experience news and economic updates – you use the touchpad in regards to rotating a holographic table that contains pieces of information in 3D.

Articles and videos became more attractive and more understandable.

Google Art and Culture is also one of the best app Daydream owns. This app allows you to visit art galleries in VR but require a 4k display device because it highlights every single detail of the art pieces.


The Home makes downloading the apps and games a one-click job and contains 360-degree videos/photos experiences in the “Wow” factor.

Google Street View maps are surreal in virtual-reality and is a part of Daydream’s home. Apps are easily accessible; for example, Netflix, HBO Go, Future us Inc, and Google Street View are now one click away from you.

The app development and news industries similar to Future us inc are the primary investor in virtual-reality and highly recommended.

Furthermore, VR games and apps are a big draw for Google Daydream View owners. There are several interactive and fun VR games and apps that also can be accessed through Home.

Google Daydream View Review: Our Analysis & Test Results

These tests are necessary for regards to measure the performance of Daydream View and to determine its level.

Our experts tested this product head-to-head with other available VR devices out in the market to evaluate their overall performance side-by-side.

Afterward, these measurements got divided into five rating metrics. Each from these metrics contains valuable information about a specific package in regards to the virtual reality headset. The Daydream Google overall did fine and earned an overall score of 68 out of 100.


Our most famous rating metric, interactiveness, is responsible for 35% of the final score. To determine the score of Google Daydream View, our experts test each VR headset one-by-one with the Daydream and check the relevant accuracy of the body/motion tracking. Daydream flop in this metric and earned 4 out of 10.

This new headset contains no built-in buttons on itself instead offered a remote control with a touchpad and a combination of buttons that are used as the sole method/way of control. This remote feels natural and comfortable to hold.

However, when it comes to motion tracking, This motion controller is decently accurate. Our experts found the motion tracking of this remote control precise decently; sometimes, there arises the need to occasionally reset the center position of the remote, as it is a bit prone to drifting.

Furthermore, our experts didn’t notice any lag, and it tracked the location precisely accurately. The tracking of the headset only operates during movement and looks, not your action as you move about the room to have a complete room-scale virtual-experience because it offers none.

Google Daydream Live Inner Look

Visual Impressiveness

The metic of visual impressiveness is responsible for 20% of the final score and evaluates the overall visual quality, its sharpness, and resolution, as well as field of view of Google’s new Daydream View VR headset and the rest. Our experts also determine whether or not this headset blocked out the ambient light. This headset did exceptionally fine and earned 8 out of 10.

The resolution and the sharpness of visuals are dependent on the phone used alongside with the Daydream, but our experts found it to be a solid performer when using Google Pixel phone.

The FOV it offers is also on the broader side and is around 100-degree. The field of view it provides is one of the many great reasons behind its exceptional immersiveness. The Daydream does an excellent job blocking out the ambient light.

However, a tiny amount of ambient light passes through sometimes. Daydream is a bit of a surprise to use. The gap between the phone and the headset is considered decently large.

The overall visual quality of this headset is good and becomes excellent when using the Pixel phone. However, it’s just slightly inferior to the other VR headsets like Gear VR combination with Samsung S8.


The next metric in the review of Daydream View is comfort and is responsible for 20% of the final score. Our experts calculate this score based on how comfortable it is to wear and for how long, the comfortability during the long gaming sessions, contains enough room to wear glasses, and if there is enough ventilation to keep the face from getting sweaty. The Daydream did supreme and earned 9 out of 10.

According to our experts, this headset is the most comfortable virtual reality headset that they have tested to date. Furthermore, we found this VR device very pleased, even for extended VR sessions.

This headset beats Cardboard in comfortability and is much more appropriate for the long virtual sessions and beats Canbor in this regard. The 2018 edition of the new Daydream came with a FOV (field of view) enhancement and made it more comfortable to wear with glasses.

The 2017 edition of this headset doesn’t have enough room for glasses and was a little snug sided. However, next year Google solved that problem by increasing the room.

Furthermore, this VR is lightweight and doesn’t feel more substantial. Additionally, its 2018 edition contains a top strap that enhances the level of balancing overhead and also increased the comfortability level of this headset. As well as, its latest model also includes a heat sink plate in regards to phone overheating.

It also succeeded in keeping the face from getting sweaty. The ventilation system is based on it well enough to give you a balanced virtual-experience, but if the environmental temperature is hot, it will be going to get heat.

User Friendliness

The second last metic of Google’s new Daydream View’s overall performance score is user-friendliness, which is available for 15% of the final score. Our experts measure this phase of performance in the base on the amount of work it requires to get the phone setup for this headset, is there any accidently encounter recorded during the test, and the amount of work it needs to connect the headphones. Daydream did a great job and earned 7 out of 10.

We believe that this headset is originally the easiest to get ready to use. Furthermore, what it requires you to do is just fold out the form of this headset and place your phone in.

However, even more, impressive is this VR is by far the most satisfying when it comes to forgetting/leaving your smartphone in the case, allowing bulky-rugged/waterproof cases to work without any issue.

The volume buttons of the smartphone are got covered by the strap of the headset, but our experts had no issues with any kind of accidental activity or action. The headphone port is accessible enough to believe that there is no difficulty in plugging in a set of headphones.

Ease of Setup

The final performance metric drops the light on ease of setup this headset offers and is responsible for 10% of the final score. Our experts measure the score earned by this headset by comparing the difficulty in initial setup between different VRs, focusing on the hardware/software setup, and what hardware equipment is required and essential in running this virtual-reality headset properly. The Daydream performed a satisfactory score and did brilliantly by earning 8 out of 10.

Furthermore, it proved itself as the most manageable VR model to get set up and get running in no time. The hardware setup required for this VR is a simple task and does not need anything essential and only requires you to attach the strap to the remote control and charge it in regards to enhance its battery life.

As well as, when it comes to the software setup, it is as easy as hardware setup and only requires 3 – 7 minutes to get started experiencing.

However, the first step towards its software setup is to download the mobile app and pair it with remote. Generally, it can take longer if you don’t own a Google account with a payment method/way associated with it.

This headset is also compatible with a vast majority of smartphones, also has a broader spread of compatible cellphones as compared to the other VR headsets like Gear VR.

Playing with Google Daydream View Headset

Final Verdict: Google Daydream View

Google Daydream is a decent value and a great option if you have a Daydream-compatible smartphone. What incredibly increased this virtual-reality headset value is its more comprehensive set of compatible phones compared to the other VR headsets like Gear VR.

Overall, Google Daydream View is a solid performer and an all-around headset that offers an excellent introduction to virtual reality without a tremendous investment.

It provides delicate ease of setup and is very comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it also works with flagship cellphones for the vast majority of manufacturers. According to us, if you are a compatible person, we recommend this product.

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