Return Man 2: Mud Bowl is another exciting and challenging addition to the Return Man American Football game series. This game features all the classic elements of Return Guy, but the football fields on which you play are coated in muddy mud so that you can make a mess! To catch the football and make a dash to the end zone to score a td, you must use your quarterback.

Our VR Expert's Review

Return man 2 is an american football game where you need to take a ball from one end to touchdown. You need to get through the defenders with the help of your teammates. Do not let the opponents stop you. If you stop or can not take the ball to the touchdown, you’ll lose a possession. You’ll only get 3 chances. If you can’t make it in third time, you need to start from he beginning.

You need to get to the yellow circle as the game begins to catch the ball. If you can not catch the ball, you’ll lose possession. Also, makes sure you do not run towards the deep mud puddles, they’ll slow you down.

How to play

  • Press I to run forward.
  • Press K to run backward.
  • Press J to turn left.
  • Press L to turn Right.
  • Press A to spin, S to speed burst and D to front flip. These are the special powers and will unlock only after you complete a certain level.

It can be played very nicely with any VR headset for movies, like Oculus Quest 2.








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