To win prizes, blast your way through 12 rotation maps. Learn the extremely skill-based system of movement unique to Krunker. If it is not your thing to drop Nukes and Quick-scoping individuals in pubs, Krunker also provides thousands of custom games to choose from.

Infected, Parkour, Free for All, Flag Grab and a lot more. With the popular modding and mapping software from Krunker, there are no limits.

Our VR Expert's Review

Krunker is a multiplayer first-person shooting game where you need to join the team and shoot the enemies. You’ll have a wild range of choices for the weapons from snipers to heavy rocket launchers and characters as well. You can play as a sniper, hunter, marksman, heavy gunner, detective, assault trooper etc. Just choose your persona and start the game. However, you need to remember that the weapons are based on what persona you choose to be. There is a set of weapons allocated to each persona. Therefore, you need to choose it well.

You can play in the customized maps as well. If you join the other server, you need to play according to them. But whereas, if you create the server and let your friends join on your server, you can choose the maps and settings according to your wish.

The game is simple with only one objective. Get in the game, find the perfect place to hideout. And search for the enemies. And as you find one, shoot and kill them at your first sight. Also, you need to remember that, as there are different ranges of guns and weapons available, you need to act accordingly. This means, if you’re equipped with the sniper, you need to find the perfect hideout and use the scope to find the enemies. And if you have a pistol, you need to roam around and start the search.

How to play

  • Use the W, S, A, D to move the player around.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Click the mouse right-click to zoom
  • Press Space to jump.
  • Press Shift to walk and
  • Press F to spray can

It can be played very nicely with any VR headset for movies, like Oculus Quest 2.








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