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The Best VR Headset for Movies in 2021

The first run through our experts put on a VR headset; they were overwhelmed with what they saw. It felt like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” and thought, “This is the eventual fate of experiencing movies!”.

In 2020, we are at the cutting edge of another revolution in how we watch and experience movies and expend content on the internet. In this Review/Guide article, we will review the top best virtual reality headsets to watch videos and feel the cinema-like experience in 2020.

Best VR headsets to Watch Movies

We love movies, and we additionally love VR technology. By joining these two bodes well, permitting you to appreciate a cinema-quality 3D movie experience in the solaces of your own home. Watching movies utilizing VR headsets is perhaps the soonest use of VR technology and one that is still genuinely well known these days.

If you need to partake in the activity, at that point, the main thing you have to do is to get a decent quality pair of VR goggles. Fortunately, there is a great deal of entirely able VR headsets for experience movies. Because of your needs, you’ll make sure to pick the correct headset in our list of recommendations below.


Best Personal Theater Headset (Editors' Choice)

Goovis G2 Pro




Meet the Goovis G2 Pro, the exceptional, compact, and individual immersive 4K cinema VR headset to replace home theater, your smartphone, tablet, console, or TV for a charming cinema-like experience with a long 4-4.5 hour battery life.

GOOVIS G2 Pro is exceptionally lightweight, great design, simple to set up, and simple to use with widespread availability, natural controls, 3D projection, Blue-Ray 3D, and customizable vision extend. Update or download all your preferred videos on account of its 32 GB of internal storage. It additionally contains an external SD space to build memory up to 256 GB.

GOOVIS G2 Pro is a supreme designed and ultra-light with the goal that you can wear it for quite a long time. Continuously recall, the objective of VR Headsets is to immerse yourself into your reality. You can’t be connected entirely with if you are left pondering the headset sitting on your head. The light 200-gram GOOVIS Pro is comfortable, and feels like cushy mists on your head that you, in the end, overlook even there!

It utilizes two high-resolution 0.7-inch AM-OLED Sony 1920 x 1080 microdisplays with a PPI of 3147. In this manner, it has very nearly multiple times the pixel density of more monster M-OLED apparatuses, such as iPhone X or best TVs to give you a smoother, more precise, and more point by point unfathomably sharp picture quality. The Goovis G2 Pro has 12 optical ultra-precision lenses, and an FHD virtual mammoth screen, which is identical to a goliath 800-inch widescreen saw from practically 20m.

Furthermore, with 32 GB of internal storage, you can upload/download all your preferred films, VR games, and applications. Additionally, it accompanies supporting stockpiling up to 256 GB on account of an SD slot and USB versatile capacity circle. It has a 5900 mAh polymer Lithium-particle battery empowering about 4 to 5-hour performance so you can watch approximately two movies with a separate charge!

Extraordinary, right? It will utilize an HDMI interface so that it can be without much of a stretch associate with astute gadgets, for example, drones, set-top boxes, Nintendo, Xbox, PS4, PC, smartphones, Goovis control box, and standard DVD players. Weighing just 7.05 oz (200g) with an element of 7.3″ x 4.3″ x 2.2″ (185mm x 109mm x 56mm), it is a 6-axis motion-tracking gadget consolidating a 3-axis gyrator and 3-axis accelerometer just to give you an immersive experience.

HTC Vive Pro

Best VR Headset for Watching Normal Movies

HTC Vive Pro Review




The HTC Vive Pro headset is the first VR headset delivered from HTC. It has a new design that is straight out of the film “The Matrix” and presentations a prominent HTC logo. It’s the most upscale VR headset if you are one to lean vigorously on appearances. The HTC Vive Pro isn’t a standalone VR headset yet instead should be tethered to a generally powerful illustrations PC to work.

The HTC Vive Pro is designed with extreme comfort on the mind. Furthermore, that is the thing that you’ll get—most extreme comfort on your head. Even though nearly as comfortable, the HTC Vive Cosmos, Valve Index, Gear VR, and Oculus Rift can likewise make a case here as it’s somewhat lighter than the Pro.

There are cutoff points to this if you possibly own a smartphone or if your gaming machine runs more seasoned or sub-par specs. It gives you a display resolution of 2880 x 1600 (or 1600 x 1440 for each-eye) and a higher refresh rate of 90Hz. Furthermore, these will provide you sharp pictures to view with sensibly low idleness. Thus, the ordinary individual won’t need to stress over motion sickness during this evident experience.

You additionally observe an extra-wide 110-degree FOV (field of view) alongside head following innovation. Even though this isn’t almost the lightest headset on the rundown, it weighs around 550 grams, so it isn’t the heaviest either.

Since the Vive is a PC-tethered VR headset, there is no battery life to review. You should tie your Vive VR headset to watch films, and the PC self controls the headset. Dissimilar to the Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Gear VR, and others. However, you will require a perfect gaming-PC to run the HTC Vive Pro.

Highlights and Benefits The dimple design on this model is cutting edge and gives it a lovely look. However, if you run the necessary PC specs, at that point, the HTC Vive Pro provides you with probably the best experience for watching films. This unit is a top of the line gadget and is designed with fresh visual fidelity for watching movies.

Oculus Quest

Best VR Headset for Watching Movies

Oculus Quest Headset




The Oculus Quest is the most recent VR headset from the Oculus brand. This is the fourth VR headset delivered by Oculus. You will get a standalone experience as it has worked on the screen, graphics processor, and implanted storage.

Watching movies on the Oculus Quest is simple when gotten to through your Android cell phone. Just explore the Quest application and pick your next cinematic, immersive experience.

Remember, the gadget is known to be a bit overwhelming around the nose piece, so for a broadened survey of 1 hour or more, you may feel awkward all over. A Snapdragon 835 graphics processor controls the Quest, and a new 2880 x 1660 OLED display and wide field of view make it a headset of the generation. While the 72Hz refresh rate isn’t something to write home to mother about, it’s impeccably in-accordance with a VR headset at this value point.

However, given the graphics intensity of VR content like games, you won’t experience any drag time with this unit. While the Oculus Quest was fundamentally planned as a gaming headset, it has some noteworthy highlights that make it a divine force to be reckoned with for watching movies. The Oculus Touch controller will immerse you into the entirety of the practical VR experiences that the Oculus stage brings to the table.

The Oculus Quest is a standalone gadget without any wires or force strings appended, which will give you 6DOF while watching movies. The integrated graphics processor is ground-breaking and future-sealed for at any rate the following two years.

The Oculus Store offers an assortment of 3D and VR content, including games to choose from; hence you won’t be at a misfortune for watching movies and network shows with this unit. This VR Headset has integrated sound. However, most surveys express that it can and ought to be improved with your 3.5mm headphones.

Oculus Go

Best VR Headset for Watching 3D Videos

Oculus Go Headset Design




Oculus Go gives you the best virtual reality experience for watching 3D movies and videos, as well as doesn’t require wires, a PC, a console, or a smartphone.

The Oculus Go is a lower-cost alternative of Oculus (claimed by Facebook). If you are searching for a virtual reality headset to watch movies and videos without a gaming experience, this is the best decision option for you. The Oculus Go was generally a more established rendition of the Oculus Quest as it was delivered to the market longer than a year sooner. In the rapidly growing VR headsets world, that resembles five years ago.

A high selling point is that it costs about half as much as the Quest yet at the same time has the center features that make it an astounding alternative for watching movies in 2020. Given the low cost of the Oculus Go and the reality, it is a more seasoned model in 2020; there will be some compromises to consider. It has a more significant level of detail because of a higher pixel density per eye.

The Oculus Go flaunts a not very decrepit Snapdragon 821 processor while gave a not too bad 1280 x 1440 display resolution. Talking about the content, including games, you will locate a gigantic measure of movies and videos to watch originating from outstanding quality studios. The Oculus Go is lighter than the Oculus Quest at around 468 grams.

What’s more, it’s planned with breathable fabrics and injection foam molding furnishing you with a comfortable and ergonomic VR headset. Like the Oculus Rift, you have the choice of built-in speakers that offer a better than average decent surrounding sound VR experience. Yet, you additionally have the alternative of including your headphones through the 3.5mm audio jack.

The ease makes this unit an excellent alternative for watching movies and videos, including 3D content (games). The Oculus Go can interface with the Bigscreen application for a bona fide film experience. The image nature of the Oculus Go is comparable to different models checked on like the Lenovo, Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Gear VR, and the remaining headsets at a much lower value point.

However, as long we are talking about the display resolution, Oculus Rift S has the highest resolution of 2560 x 1440, and this type is visually exceptional for the games and other virtual reality experiences. A resolution of 2560 x 1440 is also excellent for experiencing movies and may earn your trust at first glimpse.

Well-known applications are accessible from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and Facebook 3D Video and Image Software. The included regulator is exceptionally smooth and easy. Exploring your most loved application and far away terrains will be consistent. The Oculus Go has no revealed overheating issues, so you can go for quite a while without placing it in your cooler.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Best VR Headset for Watching 360 Videos on YouTube

Lenovo Mirage Solo Review




The Lenovo Mirage is a high all-around VR Headset and gives you an exceptional standalone VR experience with Google’s incredible WorldSense technology.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo allows you to investigate the virtual world, liberated from external sensors naturally. It has an agreeable design, gives you incredible specs, and will empower you to get to top-notch VR movie experiences.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is fueled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 portable VR headsets platform, equivalent to the Oculus Quest. It offers you 6-DOF (degrees of freedom), 3D audio, and up to 4k resolution, comparable to the Oculus Rift. This is an incredible VR headset to watch movies in 2020. No requirement for wires, PC’s, or controllers when experiencing the world of the movie through Lenovo Mirage Solo.

The intuitive intensity of WorldSense technology implies you can dodge flying items, bounce and weave through trouble maker punches, and duck your head from flying meteorites. This is a movie viewing on steroids for any movie fan. The QHD display and wide field of view give the 75hz processor a thrilling visual experience when watching movies.

Since the Lenovo Mirage Solo doesn’t accompany integrated audio, it offers a 3.5mm headphone jack on the gadget. It additionally incorporates an elite pair of earbuds in the container, which has a link sufficiently long to arrive at the headset and your ears, so there is no leeway.

Google’s WorldSense is front line technology and will be proper for watching movies in 2020. Utilizing Google’s Daydream VR headsets platform is noteworthy, and the format is straightforward yet successful.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo processor is comparable to the Oculus Quest and in some manners to the Oculus Rift. Relying upon what movies you need to watch might be a superior decision on account of the WorldSense tech. An immersive experience for watching movies like Blade Runner, although you should set up sensors around your room to exploit this since everything is incorporated with the headset.

PlayStation VR

Best VR Headset for Watching Movies on PlayStation

Playstation VR Headset Review




PlayStation VR is the undeniable decision for viewing VR-based movies and videos on a PlayStation 4 console. The PSVR is an excellent decision for all your Hulu clients that need to hop into the VR environment. Its OLED display will give you mind-blowing accurate to life quality visuals.

Also, if you need to experience the full Hulu library as most ideal as, you’ll need something with a high refresh-rate as Hulu has a significant quantity of content with much emotion, activity, and movement. The refresh rate of the PSVR is a shocking 120Hz and is going to make all the quick activity you want to watch stream quickly and smoothly.

If you effectively own a PlayStation 4, at that point, this VR headset ought to be at the head of your rundown. Watching movies on the PS VR will upgrade your movie watching VR experiences to an exceptional level. Regardless of whether you need to watch typical movies, VR movies, or 360 videos, this ought to be your first VR headset to plug into your PS4.

PlayStation VR is a unique headset, unlike the Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Gear VR, and many others. The experiences you can get from this headset is unlike any other. Similar to the experiences you can get on PS4 is unlike any other.

The PlayStation VR accompanies a 5.7-inch OLED display that effectively extends 1080p movies and presents them as proposed… with genuine blacks and bright hues. The display resolution is 960 x 1080 per-eye, which isn’t the best; however, it will be sufficient to work well for you. When viewing VR and 3D movies, you won’t be baffled, and this may earn your trust. The amazingly high frame rate, higher than most headsets here, will keep any conceivable motion sickness under control.

A high refresh rate additionally implies you’ll have an upgraded VR encounter when watching anything with a great deal of motion, for example, shows about natural life and sports! Since Hulu has a decent arrangement of both of those classes, this makes the PSVR one of the top decisions for Hulu.

The LED’s around the PSVR, the Dualshock 4 wireless controller, and the PlayStation Move motion controller works as one with the PlayStation Camera to give an unbelievably exact catch of your regular movements in virtual reality space. Included with the PlayStation VR-with-headset is something many refer to as 3D Audio Technology, which implies you’ll have the option to pinpoint sounds above, underneath, and surrounding you.

The leading VR headset you should consider if you already have a Sony PlayStation 4 is this one. 3D Audio technology rapidly overwhelms its opposition in a similar value run. Sony has a full cluster of VR movies and video experiences to browse that rivals any Oculus commercial center contributions.

Samsung Odyssey+

Best Value VR Headset to Watch Movies




The Samsung Odyssey+ gives you a ton of VR bang for your buck! A moderately economical choice, particularly among tethered virtual reality headsets, and a lot of extraordinary characteristics. Perhaps the most amazing traits being the astounding resolution and display! Its display is OLED yet additionally incorporates Anti-Screen-Door Technology, to battle the screen door effect VR clients loathe. That is a quality typically held for LCDs, yet you get it with the Odyssey!

The Odyssey+ is one of the best VR Headsets to consider for some reason. It conveys an incredible encounter to you, and however you’ll require a PC to control it, it’s a lot cheaper than a ton of different headsets here. One significant thing to note directly off that bat is its refresh rate.

As recently referenced, you will require a PC that is sufficiently amazing to operate the Odyssey. You will need exact specifications. There is a minimum requirement phase that can be met; if you are exactly at the minimum requirements, you may just get a 60Hz refresh rate out of the Odyssey. 60Hz is directly at the limit of forestalling motion sickness… however scarcely.

However, if your PC is a significantly more impressive one, you can accomplish a 90Hz refresh rate, which is vastly improved! That has a significant effect and will have you encounter much lower idleness so that it might merit looking at it. You get a display resolution of 1600 x 1440 per eye, which is a standard resolution, and the display is OLED. You realize what that implies! Deep blacks, vivid hues, the works!

Samsung, astutely, incorporated Anti-Screen-Door technology and actualized it inside the OLED. Nothing will separate you from the Na’ vi of Pandora! In case you’re uncertain which decision to make among OLED and LCD and wind up wanting a tad bit of both… at that point, the Odyssey is one of the best VR headsets to watch movies in 2020.

The Samsung Odyssey+ is tethered with the goal that battery life won’t be a worry of yours. Simply ensure you have a PC with all the necessary specs, and you’re all set. You won’t have to stress over the length of your movies; you’ll have the option to watch them in full.

You get the benefits of OLED, without such vast numbers of the burdens. You’ll get assurance from the screen door effect as though it were an LCD—phenomenal resolution and refresh rate at a much lower cost than a ton of the opposition.

Google Daydream

Best VR Headset for Watching Movies on Android

Google Daydream View Review




If you don’t have a Samsung device (smartphone) and want to experience 3D movies and 360 videos in virtual on YouTube or any other platform, at that point, the Google Daydream View is a brilliant decision for Daydream-ready smartphones.

If you don’t own the most recent Samsung smartphone and yet need to experience the universe of watching VR movies, we recommend looking at the Google Daydream View. It is entirely moderate, and you will just need to download the proper application to begin experiencing immersive VR content. The nature of viewing will come down to the screen resolution of the cell phone you are using.

Try not to expect a similar video quality that you will get from a console or PC-tethered VR headset, particularly when watching movies. The best perspective is the ever-developing assortment of VR-based movies and content (including games) accessible on the Google Daydream platform. The show, sports, and particularly movies arrive in a complete 360-degree panoramic view.

The sound, when utilized with Google Daydream View, will again originate from your smartphone. Our specialists suggest using a Bluetooth enabled headphone setup, so you get the most excellent sound experience without requiring a wired association. Utilizing a Daydream application negatively affects your smartphone battery. Cruising through virtual universes drains your battery rapidly.

Fortunately, from inside the Dream’s settings screen, you can see your whole battery life. Furthermore, baffling is the Google Daydream View controller. There is no noticeable acknowledgment of the Daydream controller in the Daydream application. So while you can watch your smartphone battery life, you won’t have the option to pass judgment on the controllers’ battery life. You may be advised when the controller’s battery life is low.

BYOD – bring your device, including iOS devices running the Daydream application. The 3D movie environment looks smooth and reasonable. The Google Daydream View has a fantastic controller that makes working the headset simple and speedy while scanning for your next VR film experience.

This VR headset is future-sealed for the following 1.5 to 2 years, in any event, dependent on Google’s current release schedule and the advancement of new VR film applications hitting the market. The Google Daydream View is durable and produced using delicate, breathable texture, so it remains agreeable while you’re watching movies for a longer time period.

Google Cardboard

Best Budget VR Headset to Watch Movies

Google Cardboard VR Headset




Probably the least expensive way to experience VR movies is Google Cardboard. It is controlled by a smartphone and a foldable pattern of hardcore cardboard. You can watch VR movies on this gadget, and your lone restriction is the nature of your smartphone screen. Get it, crease it, and enter the universe of VR movie watching. As a VR headset, the quality of the image will depend on your smartphone screen resolution.

The hardware here is made of cardboard, so don’t anticipate that it should face more strong plastic and polymer alternatives. Both Android and iOS applications are accessible to Google Cardboard. You will have a full scope of claims, including Cardboard Camera, YouTube, and the official Cardboard application that incorporates a few immersive demos. The audio, similar to all smartphone VR headsets, will be dependent upon you to give.

As our experts suggested before, you should attempt to use a Bluetooth headset with your smartphone. Watching VR movies on Google Cardboard will consume your smartphone battery quicker than regular use. In light of that, we suggest putting your smartphone on airplane mode when experiencing VR movies, with the goal that organize exercises don’t deplete your battery in addition to your VR movie watching exercises.

Likewise, ensure you download your VR movies before experiencing them on the Google Cardboard, so when you see them in any event when you are disconnected, you save battery life.

This is the most reduced expense VR headset for watching movies on our rundown. At approximately $15, you can get started for almost nothing. The Google Cardboard will work with your iPhone so you can even now experience movies and other VR content like games for an affordable entry-level amount. Get it, crease it, and start your VR film-watching venture. You will get a more close to home feel by building your own Google Cardboard so you will feel more joined to the gadget.


Is VR Good for Watching Movies?

Yes, you can watch movies on VR headsets. It is an excellent way to bring much more comfortable in the world of a film to take part in it. For that, VR users have discovered, however, how amazing watching movies in a head-mounted display (HMD) can be.

What Movies are Available in VR?

Virtual reality is on the rise, and keeping in mind that applications and VR games get a tremendous amount of press, there are a lot of VR movies to appreciate, as well. VR movies are inconceivable for some reason. First of all, these movies are significantly more immersive than their non-VR counterparts – much obliged, obviously, to the point that you can watch vast numbers of them in 360 degrees.

That can make them considerably more energizing – besides, you’re probably going to see something new every time you watch, on account of the way that you can glance surrounding you while viewing. However, not all VR movies merit viewing.

A significant number of them are immature, and even those with support may encounter the ill effects of poor storytelling or different issues. There’s additionally the way that there aren’t any full-length feature movies in V-R headsets – so you’ll be constrained to observing the short film. Most importantly, here are the best VR movies today.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • El Camino
  • The Invisible Man
  • Cargo
  • Bloodshot
  • Maze Runner
  • The Matrix
  • A Quite Place Part 2
  • Onward

What to look for in the best VR headsets for watching movies?

1. Display resolution

We have to make the distinction between two sorts of headsets: those that accompany a built-in screen display, and those that depend on using your cell phone as a screen. Usually, headsets with integrated screen displays are more costly. These built-in displays as a rule additionally have higher resolutions than a standard smartphone screen.

2. Mobility

Many best VR headsets don’t accompany their graphical processing capabilities; instead, they depend on a gaming PC’s equipment. Then again, there are likewise standalone VR headsets that either has a built-in graphical processor or depend on your smartphone’s processing power.

3. Focal distance and IPD adjustment

Not everyone’s eyes are made equal, and you have to get a headset (VR) from a manufacturer that understands this. In particular, a headset with an adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) will guarantee that you get the most extreme satisfaction out of your VR movies.

4. Versatility

You might be purchasing the best VR headset to watch 3D films in your home, however what about VR games and other interactive games like experiences? There is a considerable amount of these games and games like experiences ou there.

5. Cost

These best VR headsets are probably the most fluidly estimated headsets we have ever found in the technology market. However, you can get a smartphone-based VR headset that scarcely costs $10 or a best in the class headset that sells for near $1000.

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