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15 Best VR Apps for iPhone

When it comes to virtual reality, the iPhone is also a big success. There are thousands of VR applications introduced on the iPhone from previous years. iPhone devices like iPhone X, iPhone SE, iPhone 11, with its best quality and services, works perfectly for the best VR experience.

However, all you have to do is to get the best VR-compatible iPhone, and you are good to explore everything it has to offer. Most iPhones support Google Cardboard, Merge VR Pro, and Homido VR headsets, so if you already have access to these or have other iPhone-supported VR headset, then jump in.

Most people prefer iPhone over Android worldwide. To download VR apps on any Apple platform, the App Store provides services, and its privacy policy terms of use also help the user understand it completely.

Understanding the App Store policy is very important because everything related to Apple (all rights reserved) runs under it.

To enhance your VR play on iPhone devices, we have something stored for you, a list that contains information about some of the best VR apps – App Store has to offer. You can get more related information, news, and links about these apps by downloading them on your iPhone.

Let’s dig in without any further wait.

Top 15 Virtual Reality Apps for iOS

VR Space Stalker

VR Space Stalker is a cool space battling experience with stunning graphics and a continuous storyline. VR Space Stalker developer FIBRUM is considered the best app developer. It’s storyline take you from one space experience then onto the next.

In the universe of VR Space Stalker, your goal is to explode adversary ships before they contact the shields of your secure space. As you complete missions, you pick different extraordinary weapons relying upon your adversaries’ strength and number.

VR Space Stalker gameplay is easy as you turn your head to shoot your weapons, direct your ship, and settle on the correct choices.

InMind VR

Do you know each single of those science-fiction stories where somebody is contracted to microscopic size and set in the body of a full-sized individual? Indeed, presently you can gain knowledge that equivalent dream yourself, but in a virtual world.

With the free InMind by Nival, you play a human-colored with the errand of helping a patient suffering from a depressive disorder. The catch? You treat your patient from within.

You’re scaled-down and moved inside the individual’s brain, where your responsibility is to attack red neurons trying to fix your patient. The gameplay is basic, yet the graphics light up the knowledge.

Star Chart VR

You can encounter a whole planetarium on your iPhone using Star Chart. For $2.99, Star Charttakes you on a visit through the solar system, where you can go among the planets, stars, and constellations.

As you take off through space, you direct your concentration toward a particular planet, moon, or different objects. Take a gander at Mars. Look at the rings and moons of Saturn.

Press the “action” button on your headset to see subtleties in the different objects. It is a cool trip and an extraordinary method to investigate and find out about the solar system.

Virtual Speech

Do you get nervous speaking in public? Assuming this is the case, here’s an application that might have the option to help. VirtualSpeech offers various scenarios in which you can work on speaking before a group. You can go to a business meeting, lead a presentation, teach a class, or go on a job interview.

For each situation, you’re in the midst of actual individuals recorded for the application to whom you should pass on your message. You can add your own slides to a presentation for more realistic experience.

VirtualSpeech additionally gives words of wisdom from experts on the best way to talk in public. As you feel every situation, the application offers feedback on your performance and keeps tabs on your development.

VR Mojo Orbulus

Orbulus is another top-rated VR app that provides a perspective about some interesting locations around the globe available for iPhone/Ipad and android users. Need to see different countries yet can’t manage the cost of the airfare?

This offers you a virtual trek of sights and sounds from around the globe. Mojo Orbulus is one of the best apps for experiencing virtual reality on the iPhone. VR headset supported by iPhones contains the functionality that is effectively utilized by VR Mojo world.

VR Noir

Ever wanted to play as a private detective? Presently you can, in a virtual world. In this application, you assume the part of Veronica Coltrane, a divorced mother engaging with her ex and forced to settle in as a private detective in the wake of being lost the police force.

A few elements make The Noir a convincing knowledge. The story is intelligent, so you need to settle on specific decisions along the path to driving the plot forward. It is something other than a 360-degree environment.

It’s a full film, made utilizing genuine individuals and genuine settings, and recorded simply like a distinctive motion picture. The characters are likewise dazzling, so you’ll need to continue playing to perceive what befalls them and you.

VR RollarCoasters

You’ll discover a ton of VR roller coaster apps for the iPhone; some great, some not all that great. The RollerCoasters VR app from VR Games is one of the most intense that you can attempt.

This application offers three diverse roller coaster tracks. Pick your track and afterward hold tight for the ride. In VR RollarCoasters, the roller coaster takes you through the standard ups, downs, contorts, and turns yet also tosses in some insane circle the-circles where you truly feel the impression of being upside down.

Watch out! If you get lightheaded on genuine roller coasters, you may feel somewhat woozy on this virtual ride using the rollercoasters.


Another best app that lets you watch news content from networks like New York Times, Apple, NBC, and more on your VR headset. Once in a while, it’s better to visit your favorite places, individuals, and scenes from VR’s perspective. Inside – The VR App is an immersive door for doing exactly that.

This application presents to you an assortment of stories from animated adventures to fictional scenarios to genuine documentaries. You can watch the NYT VR version through Within. What’s more, the VR approach puts you directly in the main part of the action.


YouTube is home to heaps of cool VR 360-degree videos, and you can utilize the customary apps to watch millions of videos that have gained a huge audience level in recent times compared to Google and other apps.

Download YouTube from the App Store, and you have two or three choices. You can fire up any video and afterward tap on it, and at the player screen, tap the three-dab icon in the upper right and select the choice Watch in virtual to watch the best video.

A few videos loan themselves to a virtual approach, others not really. To improve your chances, run a search from the YouTube home screen and search for “virtual reality.”

You can likewise attempt YouTube’s own Virtual-Reality channel. Pick a cool video. Tap on its screen and afterward tap on the activated headset and hop into a virtual model. Fly on your headset and appreciate the experiences.

Zombie Shooter VR

Walking Dead can be the best example of Zombie Shooter amongst various apps in which a gamer experiences and gets an opportunity to slaughter zombies in their own virtual planet.

Zombie Shooter by FIBRUM begins you off in isolation in a small, damp room. Get a weapon, open the door, and you’re on the way to meet zombies. Travel down a long subway tunnel, experience an abandoned subway car and beyond.


InCell VR is another best app for the racing game developed with a bio-science and a bit of strategy. This multi-hued action-cum-dashing game takes place in a novel miniature system, which reproduces a human cell’s anatomy in impressive detail, giving it an educational angle.

Players ride along capillaries and communicate as they take in inner space. The profundity and scaling of the scenes truly make you feel advantageous, and it has an animating soundtrack to boot.


This first-person ghost story sends you into a haunted mansion on the evening of an approaching storm. You’re in isolation in a Victorian-period room – separated from a variety of unpropitious looking dolls next to the chimney and the sinister noises repeating around the hallway. It is considered one of the best games around the world.

War of Words

Described by Michael Sheen and created in association with BBC Arts, War of Words might be on the short side. Its settings are unique, and you can play it without getting bothered by any ads. Use the right service shown by the animation to have interaction with the poems.

Yet, it is wonderful and powerful, and impeccably catches the original work’s disputable and battling spirit. Editors select the right service for their products whenever it comes to apps for VR, similar to the War of Words.


Bookful presents excellent books over whatever your camera sees, and those books are both three-dimensional and intuitive – so spring up books truly pop, empowering you to swipe and zoom and tap to investigate the story.

Huge numbers of the books additionally accompany virtual games, empowering you to have a good time playing golf in the space on the surface of Mars, which incidentally turns out to be on the head of your sofa.

Even though this app for VR isn’t pointed explicitly at kids, it’s the child’ books that truly radiate on the stage: even the most natural stories, for example, Jack and The Beanstalk, feel shiny and new in Augmented Reality, and the scaled-down games won’t keep adults engaged for a really long time. For guardians, however, Bookful is truly an incredible augmented reality application.

Google Street View

Remember when Google Street View caused you to feel like some spy, meandering through streets from the solace of your chair?

Google Street View is another best app that has a Cardboard System – the symbol shows up when you turn your phone into scene mode – that empowers you to encounter Photo Spheres in virtual reality, which implies you can utilize your virtual goggles to mooch around Machu Picchu, gallivant around the Taj Mahal, bob around Bora-Bora, and see any city you extravagant.

It’s acceptable fun and conceivably helpful for arranging travel: there is something in particular about observing a spot in 360-degree greatness that makes it more intriguing than looking around something very similar in two dimensions.

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