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Amazon Prime Day VR Deals & Sale

Are you in search of the best Amazon Prime Day VR Deals and Sales? If yes, you’re at the best spot as someone can imagine. Our mentioned deals and sales feature content that can save you hundreds of dollars on PSVR, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go, Rift, Quest, and many more.

Prime Day event is considered as one of the best annual sales events which offer some of the best deals. The Prime Day offers cut prices across Amazon’s whole range. This year’s Prime is worthwhile, and we are here to update you about what deals to look for.

This event is upon us in October, featuring a bundle of best deals if you’re looking to do some online VR shopping. Below, you’ll find the best Prime offers, so jump-in to absorbing all the valuable information related to virtual reality deals and sales of 2020.

PS VR Bundles

There are two most excellent deals for Sony’s PS VR headset. For starters, there’s a PlayStation VR Starter Pack for £179.99 (usual price £234.04). You’ll get the VR headset, PlayStation Camera, a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, and a regional minigame compilation.

The second best PS VR bundle is the PlayStation Mega Pack for £209 (usually £299.99). This exceptionally perfect package includes the headset, camera, PlayStation Worlds, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Wipeout VR, and Skyrim VR. However, the Move controllers are not included in any bundle but can be bought separately at approximately 20% discount.

Oculus Quest bundles

Finally, a standalone VR headset by Facebook and Oculus is too fresh to get a significant price cut. Amazon is offering a little bonus for everyone who picks the Quest on this annual event in October – 2020.

You can own a 64 GB version of this model for the usual price with a free carry case included. It’s the third party manufactured travel case for VR headsets but best in quality. It has room for your headset and move controllers. Furthermore, you can get the 128 GB VR model at a reasonable price too.

Oculus Go Bundles

Oculus’ first-ever standalone headset may no longer be the new kid on the VR block; however, that VR is still worth experiencing by newcomers. The 32GB version of this one can be purchased for approximately £160 (usually £195), and the Go 64GB version can be purchased for around £210 (usually £245).

The Go is not as enhanced in performance and advanced in technology as the Quest. Oculus Go offers restrictive tracking; however, it is a good headset for experiencing VR gaming.

You can also find some travel case bundles. It’s not an official because Oculus does not offer traveling cases, but you can still get a quality bundle with a VR travel case. The Go 32GB version with travel case can be bought for approximately £175.00 (usually £213.00) and the Oculus Go 64GB for £225.00 (usually £263.00).

Original Oculus Rift

At this event, Oculus Rift VR deals are some of the last-available units on sale. You can have a reasonable saving here; this PC-tethered headset can be bought at the price of £300 (usually £350).

These offers and deals can be the last few opportunities you have to buy the original version of this headset. This Original Rift is replaced by the more accessible Rift S. Some of the experienced Oculus customers prefer the original’s tracking system to the inside-out featured on the Rift S.

HTC Vive Pro Bundles

In case you feel like going all out with the Amazon Prime deals, then we have saved something that is very expensive and also very valuable. What we have here is the Vive Pro Full Kit. It has been bundled with the Vive Wireless Adapter and a Pro Clip for approximately 1,550 (usually £1,670).

That’s a lot of money, enough to buy every triple-A VR title available. But, there is nothing like HTC Vive Pro, and the experience it offers is exceptionally perfect. HTC Vive Pro features an upgraded screen resolution compared to the original Vive.

The Vive Wireless Adapter enables you to play games and experience the virtual reality untethered from a PC via streaming. Even with all this, most customers want to consider the more-consumer-oriented Valve Index or Cosmos before rushing for this.

PlayStation VR Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss bundle — $237 (was $299.99)

Owning a PlayStation 4 means you own a console capable of supporting virtual reality games and other content. That’s the reason why not take advantage of this console’s VR capabilities and pick up the PlayStation bundle for $62.99 off.

This bundle includes the PS VR headset itself, PlayStation Camera for tracking, include famous PS VR games: Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and a voucher for Moss. However, you have to purchase the PlayStation Move Motion Controllers separately.

Samsung Gear VR Deal

Amazon Prime Day VR deals also offer Samsung Gear bundles. The most popular Samsung Gear VR bundle includes the headset, and the motion controllers currently sell for approximately $100 on Amazon.

Furthermore, you also can get the Gear VR for free if you get it bundled with the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB or the latest Galaxy versions.

The total cost of the smartphone, the virtual reality headset, and the wireless charging stand is $888, and the latest price of $625 is offering $263 savings. The smartphone alone starts at $655, so the bundle is an excellent deal.

When is this year’s Amazon Prime Day Event?

It’s one of the most famous annual sale events exclusively for Prime members. It features two full days of special savings on hundreds of VR deals and offers. Amazon confirmed on September 27 that this year’s Prime event would be held on October 13th and 14th.

Amazon also announced some of its Prime Day – 2020 special deals earlier, like you can have the Kindle Unlimited membership of six-months for 50% off. It also offers hundreds of membership deals from a 35% – to 50% discount for VR readers.

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