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Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

While this first Windows reality VR headset had us much exited, the Acer Windows Mixed Reality delivered quality VR experience and performance and offered an exceptionally immersive world to explore.
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review
Overall Score
Visual Immersiveness
User Friendliness
Ease of Setup

Our Take

While this first Windows reality VR headset had us much exited, the Acer Windows Mixed Reality delivered quality VR experience and performance and offered an exceptionally immersive world to explore.

However, this model doesn’t have the level of visual-immersiveness/interactivity as the top-tier headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Furthermore, the price of top-tier VR headsets is decreasing rapidly, which makes it hard to decide the best suitable headset, on the other hand, this Windows VR costs an average amount of money and delivers an improved VR experience.

What We Like

  • Can be easily setup
  • Very user-friendly
  • Colorful, sharp, and lightweight
  • Compatability with a majority of systems

What We Don't Like

  • Not enough interactive
  • Lack of some functionality
  • Sometimes, lack visuals


The Acer is overall an excellent VR headset but scored fewer points as compared to Samsung Gear VR. However, a distinct edge this VR has is that it’s a tethered model, and the Gear VR is a mobile-based Windows VR device.

Furthermore, this VR did score fine against the Google Daydream View and proved itself more valuable.

Why Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset?

The Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset promised the ease of plug-and-play setup and comfortable ergonomic design.

In any case, it experiences a few encounters and games, alongside some minor tracking issues.

The facility of easy setup and a sharp, lightweight, and user-friendly design, as well as compatibility with the majority of systems, makes it an excellent choice of selection.


Windows Mixed Reality headsets (Acer) | Minimum PC requirements

  • Graphics-Card: NVIDIA GTX 965M or greater
  • Alternative Graphics-Card: AMD RX 460™
  • CPU: 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 with Hyper-Threading (notebooks) or 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 (desktop)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video Output: HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 port support
  • USB Ports: USB 3.0 Port
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows Mixed Reality headsets (Acer) | Recommended PC requirements

  • Graphics-Card: NVidia Geforce GTX 1060 or greater DX12-capable discrete GPU
  • Alternative Graphics-Card: AMD Radeon RX 470/570 or greater DX12-capable discrete GPU
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 4590 (4th-generation) – or – AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.4Ghz (desktop), quad-core
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  • Video Output: HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2
  • USB Ports: USB 3.0 Type-A or Type-C
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 with a Microsoft Fall Creators Update or later

Detailed Specifications

Windows Mixed Reality headsets (Acer) | In detail

  • Type: Head-mounted display
  • Subtype: Discrete HMD
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality (Platform)
  • Developer: Acer
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Requires: PC
  • Display: Dual LCD
  • Resolution: 2880 x 1440 combined (1440 x 1440 per eye)
  • Pixel Density: 706 PPI
  • Refresh Rate: 90 Hz
  • Field of View: 95 Degree Horizontal
  • Optics: Fresnel lenses
  • Tracking: 6DOF
  • Rotational Tracking: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
  • Positional Tracking: Inside-out tracking
  • Latency: Motion to Photon: Less than 10ms
  • Input: Keyboard/Mouse,Xbox One GamePad, Motion Controllers
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB
  • Weight: 1.87 lb
  • Size: Width : 7.7″x 94.3″ x 2.9″
  • Cable Length: 4 m
  • Release Date: August 2017
  • Price: Near about $400
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Unboxing

Acer’s Mixed Reality | Controller Spec

  • Tracking: Visible Light Constellation LED, 6DOF Tracking within HMD Camera FOV
  • Sensor: IMU + Magnetic Sensor, Haptic Feedback
  • Inputs: Thumb Stick with Mechanical Select, TouchPad with Mechanical Select, Analog Trigger Button, Grap Button, Windows Button, Menu Button
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Classic
  • Battery: 4 x AA Battery (Excluded)
  • Dimension: Approximately 153 x 119 x 119 mm
  • Weight: 125.6 g (without Battery) and 171.0 g (with Battery)

Acer’s Mixed Reality | Tracked Area – Space Requirements

  • Standing / seated: Known as room-scale and also as desk scale.
  • Room-scale:  5 foot x 7 foot (1.5 meters x 2 meters)

Values to focus

Windows Mixed Reality headset (Acer) is a lighter, more colorful, and visually immersive. As well as give Oculus Rift and HTC Vive a challenge in performance.

This VR is comfortable and reliable for long-gaming sessions. Furthermore, when it comes to room-scale experience, our experts find some minor movement tracking issues which we’ll discuss further. Overall, an excellent headset to have.


Believing in Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality ecosystem, the Acer headset is obstructed only by the number of virtual reality experiences, apps, and games.

Not having a majority of VR experiences is not the only lack if we also count minors, and by a minor, we mean it also has glitches while tracking.

Be that as it may, it’s a cheap and PC-powered plug-and-play VR. It can demonstrate monstrously engaging, immersive, and for the most part, for the clients who own more seasoned computers with the coordinated illustrations chipset.

As well as, this VR is focused more on the early-stage adopters than mainstream consumers.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Review: Before Buying

The best audience

Few from our experts are the fan of Windows Mixed Reality headset (Acer). Its ergonomic design is so unique that there is no top strap over your head, which also can be a strong possibility of ruining your hair.

Even without head straps, it looks lighter and feels more natural. All you have to do is just pull your hairs through the wide opening and boom! You are in.

With the Rift or the Vive, most people resort to strategic maneuvering based on the hairstyle. Furthermore, it is a perfect selection if you are going to spend a long virtual reality session thanks to its comfortability and lightness.

The movable headband has thick, sweat-verification, and happy with padding than enclosing the head by what’s equal to a delicate embrace.

In any case, that dampness resistance comes in helpful, as our experts saw this VR from the front side that it can get somewhat warm-up after long virtual sessions.

This VR has a large and rear-mounted knob that the primary purpose is to adjust the overall fit of the band, just like the PlayStation VR has it. Its flip-up visor is a bombshell.

It’s a seemingly insignificant built-in feature on the off chance that you are looking for something significant in real-life without having to experience the troublesome assignment of removing and wearing it again.

The front side of this VR lifts with a satisfying snap and sits safely set up until you set it back on.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Review: Features & Benefits


What a colorful technology, Acer did something great, and that is instead of dull black, white, or gray that most VR headset is slathered in. Front-side of this VR is sheathed in royal blue, and a black strip of plastic fits in the middle.

This fashion faced VR front center is covered by Acer, and Microsoft – Windows Mixed Reality logos and a pair of tracking cameras occupy both sides of this front middle.

Air vents are father back along the face-mask at the top and bottom of the VR; the ventilation system of Acer headset is good enough to give you the comfortability you required during the long gaming sessions.

The headset got connected to the head strap through a black colored hinge and enabled you to flip the front part of this VR device up when required the interaction with the real world.

With the addition of a royal blue colored head buckle set located in the center, the adjustable, double padded headband is made of black colored matte plastic.

This VR’s interior has removable foam padding connected via Velcro and is accentuated by the gleaming lens into the headset.

In an attempt to keep the functionality of the headset simple as possible, this VR equipped its Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headset with two cables: A combination audio jack and a 13-foot long cord with a USB 3.0 and HBMI 1.4/2.0 input connector are placed right to the headset.

A slim and black colored elastic band keeps the cables in place. The area – space this VR occupied is 7.3 x 1.4 ~ 4.7 x 1-inches and weighing a mere 6 ounces. Furthermore, it’s lighter than Oculus Rift.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Design


Generally, the Acer VR is a plug-and-play setup. After the underlying assignment of plugging in the HDMI and USB connectors to the headset, you may get a brief educating me that you needed to update the product to the most recent Microsoft Windows Fall Creators Update.

After 100% installation, it’s time to set the hardware up. It’s hardly a 7 – 10 minutes process that features a series of easy-to-follow, step-by-step screens. This process starts with a quick check of the PC’s specifications to ensure the machines’ compatibility.

Afterward, the time comes to set the controllers up. After turning them on, remove the battery covers to access the pairing buttons.

However, since you don’t want to accidentally unpair the controllers while experiencing, that’s, unfortunately, a prudent location choice.

Once everything is fit and paired up, you’ll be given a choice between a seated or standing room-scale experience. If you choose the room-scale experience as the priority, you’ll be instructed to put on the headset and click the central functioning keyboard button.

Furthermore, you have to click the track button, as you use the headset to track your motion according to the position. From there, the only step that will be left is to jump into the Windows Mixed Reality headset (Acer), and it’ll be worth it.

VR Games

As a new name in the VR world, Microsoft is starting at a severe disadvantage in terms of content. As can be seen, in the present, the Microsoft Windows Store features 49 games and apps.

Many from which including Arizona Sunshine, SupetHot VR, Space Pirate Trainer, and Dreadhalls, which are already available in both Oculus and Stream stores.

Nonetheless, in-order-to developed for the absence of virtual-reality encounters, the Microsoft Windows Store offers many 360-degree video apps, as JauntVR, vTime, and LittleStar.

It likewise empowers you to get Hulu, in the event that you need to watch upcoming show Runaways in a virtual theater.

At present, the Oculus store flaunts more than 2k VR encounters, while the PS VR, Vive, and Rift have more than 300 and 100 bits of substance, individually. Microsoft and Acer are hoping to neutralize their lack of material by tapping into the Steam Store.

Acer Mixed Reality Controllers


Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset comes with a pair of portable disco balls looking, controllers. However, aspects of the design, there is a large circular ring on the top of these controllers and full of sensors for a reason to track the hands/body movement.

These controllers are somehow similar to the Oculus Touch controllers but contain a different technology and functionality. The dots on these controllers are LEDs that work as tracking sensors to keep up with your hand’s movement.

The part of the controllers from which you will grab these controllers si comfortable and feel more natural. Its comfortable grip is perfect and allows you to interact with each button on the controller easily.

As well as speaking of buttons, on the top area – space of each controller, these lies a clickable touchpad that has a variety of uses depending on the virtual-reality app or game you are experiencing.

Furthermore, it also contains an analog stick and a Menu button. What directly sits below the Menu button is the Windows button, and its sole purpose is to transport you back to the core/domain world. Depending on which hand controller you’re holding, the Grab trigger sits directly under your thumb.

During the time with controllers, you will have no problems for sure to teleport to your desire location and clicking a trigger to cue up a game of Superhot VR or Ghostbusters.

And when it comes time to grab a gun or a valerian sword finally, the firm but gentle pressure you exerted on the grab button will be made you feel like you are gripping the object you were gazing at in the game.


Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset has a display that offers a 1440 x 1440 resolution per eye and a FOV (Field Of View) of around 100-degrees.

The image/visual quality it outputs is exceptional and is considered good with a noticeable increase in sharpness compared to the Rift and Vive.

This headset uses Fresnel lenses with medium grip ridges, and in high contrast scenes or visuals, god rays artifacts can be seen. Its display feels like a light immersive experience when wearing and may earn your trust.

Games similar to Space Pirate Trainer is recommended and well suited to this head and outputs a fantastic amount of virtual-reality experience that is beyond a common one.


Every headset to date is incomplete without a home base, and this VR is no different. When you put this headset one, the hub world is at a cliff house, a somewhat abstract architectural art with walls covered with white paint by default and furniture that can be repositionable.

The beautiful view of the Mount Rainer is stunning against the blue sky, dark blue colored ocean, and bone-white walls. Furthermore, these walls contain virtual windows for several Microsoft virtual-reality experiences, including Edge, Store, Hologram, and Skype.

In addition to motion controllers, using them, you can resize the windows or snap them into a new exceptional location of your choice with a simple point/click. Clicking the Windows button on the controller will queue up a Start Menu.

It is pleasantly a surprise to see that Microsoft’s virtual keyboard is a useful input gadget. It came especially handy when you have to enter the password for two-factor authentication and authorization.

It’s not a replacement of the actual keyboard; instead is additional functionality that can be chosen according to the preference.

Insight Tracking

The tracking of this VR headset is unique, and unlike most of its competitors because it doesn’t need a host of wall-mounted or external sensors to make the room-scale space experience.

However, this VR uses the two front-sided camera sensors for inside-out tracking. Similar to the Rift, Vive, and other VR systems, this VR has an integrated gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer for 6DoF positional tracking and which means this system will keep you up with the head movements accurately.

Furthermore, its front-sided sensors also keep tabs on the head position and motion controllers, not to layer digital media onto the real world.

As well as, Microsoft’s virtual-reality headset is simply a step on the road to tetherless and ergonomic PC-powered virtual reality.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Review: Our Analysis & Test Results

To determine which VR headset came out on the top position, our experts bought the giant virtual-reality beasts out there available in the market and compared them with each other in a series of side-by-side tests and scoring their performance in five equally rating metrics.

These are the following metrics that contain enough information on the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset to help you decide whether to buy it or otherwise.


The only lack Acer’s VR have is sometimes it lost track of its motion controllers. Earning the most out of any scoring matric, this “interactiveness” metric is responsible for 35% of the final score.

Our experts judge the ease it provides to interact with each VR device, the level of quality of the motion and environmental tracking, and if there are any limitations within the system while experiencing it. The Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset did above average and earned 5 out of 10.

This VR requires a pair of controllers to interact with its immersive virtual-reality environment. These controllers are relatively ergonomic, but when it comes to the touchpads on these controllers, they are not good enough to be called professional.

They fault a little finicky and sometimes lost track or stop tracking without reason. But one great thing is that you also have the option to select Xbox controllers or keyboard/mouse combination if you prefer and don’t want to be annoyed with the lack of functionality the original controllers offer.

In terms of room-scale experience, the core one is the length of the fastener a little on the short side as compared to its competitors. Its movement and environmental tracking are based on a pair of front-sided built-in cameras rather than any external sensors.

These cameras are good at what they do and track the position correctly. It mostly lost the position of the controllers when they are moved on sides, unlike the Oculus Rift and Vive.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Inner Look

Visual Impressiveness

Liable for 20% of the final score, visual impressiveness characterizes that how well this VR shut out the ambient light, its total viewing and visual quality, the FOV (Field of View), and the goals and the sharpness of the picture. This VR performed well and earned 6 out of 10.

This headset did a great job blocking out the ambient light, the majority is blocked, but the minority makes it way through sides of the VR. Furthermore, it has the narrowest FOV out of all the tethered virtual-reality headsets.

This VR gadget additionally is known for having perhaps the most noteworthy goals when contrasted with different headsets and has 1440 x 1440 pixels per eye. In any case, the sharpness of the picture/visuals is a piece lower, as it is still increasingly normal for the content to get out-of-center when it wasn’t in the sweet spot for the eyes.

This VR lost a few points for having a narrow FOV compared to the other headsets out there, only have about 95-degree. As can be seen, the overall visual quality of this VR device is exceptional, but far from the great and have no match against Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR.

The cliff house hub where you will begin your augmented experience venture is outwardly staggering; in any case, our specialists found the cliff house hindrance that springs up to caution them that there is a deterrent in the real world to be very trigger-happy. Overall, the cliff house is one of the best interactions available to date.

And that concludes the overall visual experience and performance of Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset, with the on-screen barrier showing up every time they turned too quickly.


Acer’s virtual-reality VR device is well-padded and comfortable even for long VR and gaming sessions. This matric is responsible for 20% of the overall score, and what this VR scored in this section is similar to what it did in the visual immersiveness metric.

Our experts rated each VR headset on the level of comfortability it offers in regards to wearing for more extended periods, if there is enough room to wear glasses, and if there is enough ventilation to keep the face from getting sweaty. The Acer did well and earned 6 out of 10.

This VR did great in manufacturing its VR headset and making ti one of the most comfortable headset to wear, even for a long time.

It has plenty of padding, and our experts liked the feature where this VR device can be easily flipped up, which allows us to talk to anybody without feeling ridiculous.

The Acer flips up and gives to the opportunity for an eye-to-eye conversation. However, our experts didn’t find this VR to be a perfect job in regards to experience it while having your glasses on. It seemed like there should be more room to make it enough for a comfortable wearing the eye gadget.

Furthermore, our experts found the lenses pressed back on the glasses, and this either force you to wear this VR device inexplicably or risk scratching the glasses if this VR device is cinched down. Leaving your forehead and face sweaty, it can be worn for a long gaming session in a hot environment.

User Friendliness

For this metric, it is accountable for 15% of the final score, and what our experts evaluated in this one is that how much effort it took to get ready each time you use it and how easy it is to activate headphones. This VR did exceptionally high in this matric and earned 9 out of 10.

After proving itself worthy, there is a lot to discuss. After completing the initial setup phase, what left is to pick the headset up and put it on.

This VR isn’t quite as easy to adjust in size as some of the other VR models, utilizing a thumb wheel rather than a sliding system, like Vive and Rift. Furthermore, it is also an easy task to install headphones on this VR, with nothing inhibiting access to the audio ports.

Ease of Setup

In the market, the Acer is considered as the easiest and quickest VR headset as compared to the all tethered headsets available. This matric is the judge to decide that how much amount of effort got required by this headset to complete the initial setup and install this VR headset.

Our experts based the score for this headset on how much amount of effort it took to complete hardware/software installation, setup, and the hardware requirements which are necessary to run this headset. This VR did exceptionally fine and earned 8 out of 10.

The hardware setup of this headset is a trivial task and only requires an HDMI and USB cord to the plugin. However, it is by far the easiest of the tethered headset to set up in terms of hardware setup and installation.

The software setup process of this headset is also quite simple and easy, with prompts loading up quickly as soon you connect it and a wizard talking to you and guiding through the entire installation process, which only took about 9 – 10 minutes.

This VR has less stringent hardware requirements as compared to the other PC-powered tethered headset, but you require a Bluetooth-enabled PC.

There is not even a single one adapter included, so you will have to buy one separately if your PC does not have Bluetooth built-in.

Playing with Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Final Verdict: Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset Review

While the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset is one of the least expensive PC-powered tethered and immersive virtual-reality headsets.

Furthermore, there is a significant drop in performance compared to Rift and Vive. Our experts highly recommend saving a little more and getting one of the top-tier VR headsets if you are the person who is the owner of a powerful gaming PC.

However, our experts found this VR to be astonishingly lackluster. This headset performs well but sometimes fails to impress, which makes it hard to recommend it. This headset is not fully immersive but is a comfortable one.

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